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The doctor has just put me on Rasagiline does anybody know anything about this drug what can I expect?

At the moment I am on mirtazipine 30 mg./day this is suppose to stop anxiety but it does help me sleep at night a bit better, but apart from that it does not seem to help. I have tried the dopamine drugs but they do not affect me. i have no tremor but freeze a lot when trying to walk.

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Rasageline stops the normal breakdown of Dopamine in the brain and keeps the naturally produced dopamine levels higher for longer. There is an indication that 1mg daily may slow the loss of neurones also and it may help with tremor. I'm not sure how it does the last tqo though.

Have you had a DAT scan to help with the diagnosis?


I had a DAT scan about 2 yrs ago which was positive for parkinson's by showing dopamine depletion


I took rasagiline for 6 years starting before it was FDA approved. It probably slowed the process down but who knows for sure. It was discontinued after on-off testing for dbs and there was no difference when it was re initiated a month later. I also take mirtazapine and it helps me sleep better.


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