FLEXIBLE RULES FOR LIVING WITH PARKINSON'S- Since I have no more physical flexibility, I am making all rules for my life flexible. Join me

1. Grace

2. Don't hide out

3. laugh

4. Don't dwell on the past or the future (finally I can live in the present)

5. Don't fear the future.

6. Have courage

7. Don't whine.

Add your own over the weekend. Let's see what we can come up with.

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  • Think on the good things you can do to bring happiness and thanksgiving. Stay away from negative thoughts, places and people. Bring into circle of friends who are uplilfting.

  • thanks Dennis.

  • Please let me here what you have to report and offer. Thank ~Dennis

  • I live..hard

    I laugh..often

    I love...alot,,,

    and try to learn or teach myself something new on a regular basis,,,

    month before last I learned to make jelly using wine,,,took me several days,,but I made over 100 1/2 pints of various types of wine jelly...

    last month I taught myself how to bake...my speciality is Pound Cakes that are flavored...

    I bought a sewing machine recently and now I must get the courage to try it out,,

  • find what I can do and focus on those things instead of what I can not do. Extend laugh to include laugh at myself and my situation.

    Hardest of all for me - but am improving - accept help graciously.

  • Hi Grayland

    When you talk about flexible, what do you mean? When I stand up straight and try to bend forward and touch my toes, while keeping my legs straight, I can barely get down to my knees. If I hold that position for a minute or two I can focus on relaxing my back muscles, in order to allow me to get further down. When I get to my mid-shins, I cannot go any further, because my hamstrings prevent me from going further. Is that the flexibility you are talkig about? I can pull my socks on, while sitting down with my one ankle on top of the other knee. I can barely reach down with one hand on the sock, hooking the open end of the sock over my toes and then pulling the sock on. Is that what you call inflexible? Or is yours much worse than that?


  • John: I think I'm right about where you are.

  • I'm more flexible than ever, but am losing strength. But I'm with you on being more flexible in my daily life. No point beating myself up over woulda, coulda, shoulda! Pat on the back for what I did do :D

  • Thanks. Good point

  • Live in the present, it's a gift

  • thanks

  • Hi Grayland

    It does not matter if we are less flexible than other people as long as we can still function. All the exercise I do, keeps my brain working properly, and that is the most important objective. I am going to look for the report which shows that exercise causes the brain to produce GDNF, which repairs our damaged brain cells. Then maybe I can encourage others to do more exercise, as difficult as it is to begin with. I am not a scientist nor a good investigator, but I will work at it until I find what I am looking for..

    Watch this space.

    Kind regards


  • I am trying new things. Learning macrame. Yoga. Bread baking. Beading. Making little fleece caps for my grandchildren. Anything to be creative. To stay busy. To

  • To feel a sense of accomplishment.

  • thanks

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