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Where I Am Now

For most of my life I have been an independent, hard working and happy single Mother. I worked many jobs, sometimes 2 or 3 at a time just to make ends meet. I tried to make my own repairs on my car and home, cut my grass, and all the other things we all do on a daily basis. I spent a lot of time with my son and even though we were poor financially we were rich in love and friendship.My son ,now grown, married and with a child of his own is my greatest accomplishment and joy in my life. I then met "My Robert" who brought to my life an entirely new kind of love. Robert's love has taught me to let others help me when I need it (this was hard ) and to be thankful for those things I can still do for myself. Robert never complains about my slowness, my forgetfulness, the lights I leave on or the cabinets I leave open. Lately I have been feeling so bad that I don't get further than the couch or bed. I have little to no energy and watching Robert go off to work each day and then come home , work on the house (he is laying new floors and painting) and do laundry, sweep, mop etc, etc. All I can do is watch. I feel bad, I feel like a mooch and a slug and am always apologizing for my lack of energy. I am depressed. What kind of life is this? There's no Quality in this life. Then "My Robert" says ,"As long as you Love and are Loved, that is all I, or You, ever need". How did I get so lucky!

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Wondereful "My Robert"... wish we all had a Mr or Miss or Mrs Roberts. Parkinsonlism is bad enough. Thanks for hour positve helpful post. I am grateful for it. ~Dennis


I to have a Robert, his name is Tommy and I am blessed in that regard. My PD diagnosis was changed to MSA on November 12th. I feel as you do Jane and my husband feels the same as Robert "As long as you Love and are Loved, that is all I, or You, ever need". It's tough and going to get tougher but I am going to try living more in the present and try to forget the past and not think about future.


I agree with you that Living in the Moment is the best! My son and his wife just had their first baby, my first grandchild on Dec. 3 rd. Hard not to think of the future right now but when I get my hands on the little stinker I will most certainly be filling up the present with memories! Thank for reading and replying.

Have a Great Holiday!



Hi Terri

How sre u since your dxs of Msa..

I an still here falling over too much but,getting tomy singing, and tai chi whilst the weather is ok here

Wen it snows as the song goes "letb it snow let it snow let itn snow "

Lol Jill



I'm still trying to wrap my arms around it. I'm more depressed than I was when I goy my PD diagnosis. But there iis nothing I can do about it except live the day and hope our prayers are answered. Hope you are well and have a wonderful holiday season. Hugs, Terri


i'm very happy for you! :-)


Hi Jupiter jame

Your in need of some help with ur depreession

I know that the anxiety a me deperessiomgohs go hand I hand

Where r your poems to,vent wth..

?? We all need them from u



I, too, have a Robert...he encourages me to do for takes me longer to do small chores...but PRAISE THE LORD,,I get it done. You would be amazed at how great you feel after having made something like cake, jelly or a craft with your own hands,,,

It takes energy to make energy so get off that couch and move....


Hi jupiterjane.

Although I feel very sorry for you, I have to say that only you can help yourself. Forget feeling sorry for yourself and telling yourself you are lethargic. Get off your bum and do something. It might take a while but do it anyway. The more you do, the more you will find you can do. Been there, done That!

KInd regards


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I don't want anyone to feel sorry for me. I do a lot, more than I should at times. I recently went through steroid treatments for my muscle disease which left me with a serious infection that took 2 rounds of antibiotic to cure. It has left me weak, exhausted and totally disgusted with myself. I have recently started acupuncture treatments, will have my 2nd one this coming week. I'm hoping for good result or any positive results.


I am veryb happy for you, and say good job to your friend.For me I just foundout my wife of 23s is going to move to NY to be with yje vman she went with before me. I have no idea what or where to go next




I found my Robert on a dating site. Told all in my bio, sicknesses and all. I had a lot of responses,made a lot of friend and found my soul mate. Never give up!


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