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Immediate effect of coconut oil

s my first post to any PD support site, but I've had a remarkable occurrence in my life, and I want to share it with others who suffer with PD. I’m a 65 year old female, diagnosed with PD in January 2001. I had seen some Youtube videos about coconut oil (CO) and Alzheimer’s and wondered about possible benefits to PD patients. I began to read up on other health benefits of CO and wanted to add it to my diet but couldn’t find an appealing way to get tablespoons of CO down without gagging. I started introducing small amounts into my food with absolutely no effect. I finally learned by liquefying CO first and dribbling it into a blender with a breakfast shake, I could add at least two or three tablespoons without being able to detect it.

The first day I put two tablespoons in my breakfast shake was a really great day. It was unusual that I didn’t need a nap and I remember just feeling better, but writing it off as a coincident. I wish I would have noted the date, but I didn’t suspect the significance to my life. It’s been about three weeks now and every day I feel better. The crippling PD fatigue is very substantially reduced. Previously, fatigue worsened my posture, softened my voice, and left me with such little energy that every effort seemed cruelly to be in slow-motion. Friends and family have already begun to comment on what they describe as startling changes in my appearance, volume in my voice, and overall look of improved health.

I was hoping that CO might slow the progression of PD, but I wasn’t expecting short term noticeable improvement. To realize an immediate benefit that feels very substantial, is exhilarating. I don’t know whether CO enhances the absorption other supplements like the Q10 I've taken since I was diagnosed, or whether my particular physical deficiencies are receptive to unique properties within CO, but I know the difference in the way I feel. For the last few years when asked how I feel, I always gave the same enthusiastic response, “I’m hanging in there!” Now, my response is, “I’m feeling GREAT!”

I urge anybody curious about whether CO might help with PD symptoms to give it a try. After being diagnosed so long ago, I could have never dreamed such a simple and yummy remedy could impact my life so much.

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Search for coconut oil. There are a lot of threads on this topic here.



Hi cocokay, Sounds really interesting & I will be giving it a try. The info responce below was to another post but I wanted you to see it too.

'Well done you, that is what you need to stop PD getting you down. I lost my spirit and fight at the start of this year & went rapidly - very rapidly downhill. However I sort of found a 'mentor' on this site JohnPepper, he has been very encouraging and he also is a very determined person. He has written a book 'How to Reverse Parkinsons' & he also has a website. He is very keen on walking as one of the way's to combat PD. I have sent away for his book & I'm eagerly awaiting it's arrival. What I have mentioned to John is that I would like for there to be an online 'A Parkinsons Disease Walking, Health & even Hobby Club' included on HealthUnlocked. Where we could look at different aspects & set ourseves Health & happiness targets - even very small targets. If you are interested, and you sound the sort of person who could be post back - your input would be appreciated. All best wishes Helen.'

It would be good if we could get interested people who would post on a regular basis what they doing to help themselves, their downturns etc etc a sort of group thing. As you have done with coconut oil. Look forward to hearing from you Helen

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I put a TV screen in front of my treadmill because I walk longer if I have something interesting to watch. I noticed long ago if I do repetitive excercise, (walking, dancing, jumping up and down, punching a swiftbag...) it "winds me up" for a while. I have one goal every day... to keep PD from "winning" today. Every day, I say aloud, "You won't beat me down today. Not today, not FU@%ING today!" Exercise, attitude, and now, coconut oil are my weapons.


Hi cocokay - like it - I have good pictures of you wizzing from one thing to another - especially the punchbag. Is your punchbag in your home? Weapons is what we need! lots of them, lets keep posting our Weapons..... Today - although I am recovering from an overdose of too strong a medication! my Weapon is happiness & this is maybe a strange one, actually getting on top of my dreaded paper work, and because I've done a lot of my paperwork my Weapon today is feeling Virtuous - lovely feeling for me - I rarely feel Virtuous!!!

PS I'll go & do some shadow boxing I fancy that!!


This morning I just bought Turmeric/Curcumin capsules I also take two coconut oil capsules daily

In the next few weeks I am expecting miracles.

I will keep posted.


As has been previously indicated there is an extensive literature on coconut oil at many posts in this forum. Links to the major posts can be found if you scroll all the way to the bottom of this page.

There is also a good summary of these results on my personal webpage

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Thanks. I'll take a look. I've had a mini-miracle. Now I need to understand why. We all need to know why. Our lives may depend on it.


Hi can u take coconut oil in capsules ? What brand do u take pls? How much would u start with? I don't think my husband would like the taste. Do u hunk I could add it to juices?? Thanks for yr help


I buy capsules for air travel. At 17g per T you need 17 1g capsules per T. Lots of pills.


Hello, I would appreciate the benefit of your experience...I am wondering if you are still doing well, 4 years later, on coconut oil.


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