Has anyone tried Mirtazapine for eating and anxiety problems? Hubby has PD with severe dementia and was taken off of Sinemet and Namenda

because doctor said they were no longer working. His appetite is way down probably because he has a hard time eating and he gets frustrated and agitated all the time. Dr. said this med might help with issues. Wondering about any side affects and if anyone has had any luck with this medication.

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  • Has his Parkinson's symptoms deteriorated since he came off the meds?

  • His Parkinson's symptoms have gotten worse since stopping Sinemet. Nurse visited today and put him back on 1 tablet 3x a day for the next week to see if there is a difference or if the disease is actually progressing.

  • I am surprised he was taken off his meds. I am new to this problem but I don't think medications stop working, they stop being fully effective because the condition has worsened but they must be doing something. I look forward to hearing about other people's experiences.

  • I was put on mirtazipine earlier this year. I only took the drug for two weeks, but every day my motor skills got worse until my ability to walk was no more. I don't want to frighten you, but this drug was not a good one for me. Soon after stopping the drug I was able to get around again. Very frightening experience.

  • I have been on 30 mgs of mirtazipine for 6 months. I sleep better with fewer bathroom calls. I suspect it helps the anxiety/depression some but it's not a great improvement.

  • i also have been on mirtazipine for about one month now It was prescribed to help with anxiety I find no difference for the anxiety but it does seem to help me sleep at nights so I shall carry on taking it for the moment

  • This is a late post, but Iv'e been on 15mg of mirtazapine for a good 6 months or more. It helps my tremors (unless I'm upset or agitated). It was most effective at first, almost did away with my tremors. It helped me sleep. It certainly does stimulate your appetite! And decreased depression and anxiety. I feel it has been useful for me. 30 mg makes me too groggy.

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