flying the friendly skies not on my bike

I see i encouraged a few of you to get on your bikes so i thought id share what i could loosely call travel tips. some to the initiated will sound obvious. i m flying to texas a 14 hr door to door journey on sunday and quite frankly it pushes me to the max .1. prepare early ,you can get 3 mth prescription by law any thing above that is between you and the gatepost. 2 split your meds between checked baggage and unchecked so if you lose one you can survive

3 let the airline know your travelling this is not only if you require a wheelchair .try to contact the ground staff of the airline at the airport the day before .you will not need to stand in any queques.go to the business class check in and say you rang explaining you cant do lines and the quicker you get thro the safer it is .they are normally very helpful and ask for a fastrack ticket through security ,no the gate ask for priority boarding youll probably be boarded at the same time as first class . i have nt as yet requested wheel chair assssistance but if your borderline ,given the enormous terminals around the world you d better take it, added bonus at somewhere like us immigration could save you an hour in a queque.

4 . you can take liquid meds on the plane have a letter explaining what they are or at least copy prescriptions. take a weeks more than you need in case of unscheduled delays.

5 wear loose clothing slip on shoes and discard belts if you can before searches

6. carry water sit close to tiolets as your circumstances suit.ask for aisle seat onplane remember you have to be able bodied to sit in emergency exit rows so make them aware as you may put lives at risk if you cant open the door

7.have fun dont forget your flip flops

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  • Thanks, Ecker, a useful guide for travellers with PD. I would endorse the comments re wheelchair assistance, especially when you have a transfer to negotiate. Chicago is a classic example, we have often had to transfer from one terminal to another and certainly would have missed our connecting flight had we not had assistance. We also went through customs and immigration much quicker that way.

    I would add that you should ask for seats with good legroom, often by a bulkhead which is close to the toilets.

  • I always have wheelchair assistance and it certainly relieves the stress of changing planes. The suggestion about carrying water is very important since otherwise it is hard to keep on your meds schedule. (Mine is every 2 hours). In some airports there is no way to get water until you get on the plane and that is a real challenge. I've found I have to be very assertive and ask for water as soon as I get on the plane, even when the cabin crew are rushing up and down the isles doing all their routine things and don't notice that I've turned my light on for help. Once I have a glass of water in hand I can be assured that I can take my next meds on time.

  • Empty your carry-on water bottle before going through the TSA line, then refill it at the drinking fountain as soon as you get through. The wheel chair assistants are very helpful and understanding.

  • Thanks for this suggestion. I usually have the problem when I go through Frankfurt Airport, but I never thought about looking for a drinking fountain at the gate. I'll certainly try it next time.

  • Ecker,thanks so much for the flight information. This is my first flight with PD and

    That i feel I will need help getting to baggage pick up. From dis-embarking to

    Baggage is quite a long way and I am afraid my stamina for the day will be at near zaro. How about some suggestions?.

    I do not want to be the one to hold everyone else up. If help is available, how far ahead do i need to contact the airlines ?. Any and All help appreciated. Leaving on

    Nov. 26/2013


  • To all the "all the already been there, done that" help appreciated as. I arrive at the

    Hartsford Airport in Atlanta ans besides BUSY, it is usually being renovated !!!!!

    Nice timing.


  • I fly into Atlanta often. There is no problem if you have wheelchair assistance. I request wheelchair assistance when I make my booking and it is automaticaly put on the computer. When you land, you just go to the front of the plane and tell the cabin crew you are supposed to have a wheelchair. Your wheelchair will be at they door and they take care of you the rest of the way.

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