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further on your bike

Well im glad a couple of you are dusting down your bikes. Obviously if you ve got balance issues don t go out and harm yourself but you can get indoor cycles of many types upright to almost lying your lounge surrounded by cushions ,should be good to go from as little as £10 ornament in millions of spare bedrooms.

don t get me wrong i fully realise my slow progression may be nothing to do with cycling but even if you think it helps it probably contributes to your mental well being and aside from falling and breaking your neck theres not too many would argue cycling bad for you. I feel over the years i could have done more on the tyros whatever you call it rich foodstuffs but as you probably need a truck load of blueberries,broccoli to replace one stalevo eg i ve not found the best diet yet and at every juncture the protein argument rears up do you eat meat or not is my astronauts breakfast steak and eggs good. iknow for sure it tastes better than all those various bran oats sunshine in a box stuff.

I thank the gentleman with his insight into the sub concious , freezing, etc and your overide theory .actually isometimes, as well as the ball in front.i trick the brain by setting off backwards and the spinning around,it works.on a light hearted note , why is parkinsons better to have than alzheimers . ans, its better to spill your drink than forget where you put it .for the easily offended i apologise but as they used to say in the merchant navy ,<ex navigator> if you cant take a joke dont sign on.

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I love cycling and yes, balance can be a problem especially if you take your hand off the cycle-bar to indicate you're turning left or right. However, this should not stop you and from experience I would recommend a tandem. My husband and I had so much fun.

There is a charity in London called Charlotte's Tandems - - and they lend tandem bikes free of charge for two months. It is only available to disabled people. We enjoyed it so much that we used a tandem for a 11mile round trip in Cornwall using the old railway track bed (Camel Trail). So if at least one of you is able-bodied you can enjoy cycling again on a tandem.


Charlotte's Tandems isn't just in London but is all over the UK. One of our Borrowers who has Parkinsons used one of our tandems and mounted the tandem on a turbo trainer indoors and his son rode it with him to keep the pace up. There is a video of it linked on our website, . We are a Registered Charity that lends tandems to disabled people for FREE.


I have this urge to buy a motor bike rather than a pedal cycle Brrrrrrrrrrrrrm Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrm Brrrrrm

As a kid I rode a bike everywhere, I could not manage a bike in my area now as it is all hills mostly 33% very steep.

A Tandem is fine If I can sit behind and let the front one do the pedalling lol

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