Abuse of this forum

I'm sorry to say that in the last few days we have had a rather disappointing example of abuse of this forum, specifically a member whose conduct was harassing, aggressive and inappropriate.

In the normal run of things we would issue warnings on conduct, increasing in severity. However, in this instance, we received so many complaints in such a short space of time that we have chosen to ban the member concerned. I do not propose to name the individual but I'm sure many of you will be aware of this.

This is intended to be a site for intelligent information exchange and not a vehicle for self marketing. Equally much we hope and expect that all discussions are conducted with respect towards the other parties involved. We do not tolerate abuse, cyberbullying or similar.

It is the nature of discussion that there will always be differences of opinion. However we expect those to be expressed with due civility. On this particular occasion, that has not been the case and we have taken the action we deem necessary.

Thank you for your understanding

Jon Stamford (administrator)

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  • Thank you, this site has been so helpful to me. I thank everyone for all their help.



  • John,

    I was just wondering, do posts comments, indeed all communications by a banned member get deleted or are the posts that do not break forum rules remain visible?


  • Well done don't want them on here puts genuine people off

  • Thanks

  • Thanks very much, as I find this site invaluable

  • thank you for this action. Parkinson's disease is hard enough. Dealing with difficult people here is just too much. We need one another and we need to post supportive, positive messages by telling our experiences with meds, treatments, how we cope. We need to 'tell it like it is', even if your own experience with PD is a downer (just don't be a downer all the time).

    I need this group and what it shared. I lead an APDA support group in my community and yesterday when we met I mentioned this site as a resource for attendees. So you will likely pick up some new members. Keep up the good work.

  • Thank you quirkyme for your input. As Polyanna 007 I too am new to this and others plights. I too need this forum and do sincerely appreciate the input and approve wholeheartly to just " to

    Tell it like it is " Thanks to all for your personal input. It really gives me hope and friends who daily Deal with PD.

  • I have been a little reluctant to open 'healthunlocked.com' . I think everyone is aware why that would be, because, usually, Its so enabling to open and read.

    Thank you for giving me confidence in keeping an enquiring mind active.

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