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PARKINSON'S, What's that????

It was reported 11/5/13, in the Philanthropy News Digest, that T. Denny Sanford, the richest man in South Dakota, USA, has donated $100,000,000 to the University of California, San Diego to establish a stem cell research center. He has already founded several other institutions that work with regenerative medicine. Having only recently observed as my daughter and son-in-law staged a one-day volunteer fund raiser which raised a hard earned $2000 for the local organization, such efforts seem almost futile.

I learned of the $I00 million donation on the Fox evening news. It included a synopsis of the story and a brief interview with the gracious donor. The newsman wrapped up the story with a closing statement that went something like, "Good news for sufferers of such serious illnesses as cancer, M.S., Lou Gehrig's Disease, brain injury and Alzheimer's. Help is on the way."

Notice anything or am I being overly sensitive?

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You right ronn Parkinson's is never mentioned on tv etc i feel it's classed as a general old peoples complaint like arthritis . If only they knew.!!

Well done to your daughter and son in law. Maybe we should write to all forms of media and put in a complaint...


Did you write in to Fox? What did they say?

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Rather than make a complaint, use the opportunity to educate and make the reporters aware of this debilitating disease!!


Yup good points


Republicans who supported stem cell research, like Nancy Reagan, were ignored. Who knows where research would be for PD if not for Bush43 outlawing certain stem cell research. Most of it was then done abroad. We are so backward here in the US sometimes, so distrustful of science and allopathic (regular) medicine. I get mad when I think of my husband's disease and everyone with PD, languishing with no answers and no real way to stop its progression. Heartless really, that ideology.


The more ethically charged decision—less understood by the public and one Congress has avoided—involves the ban on creating human embryos in the laboratory solely for research purposes. In fact, President Clinton is the one who balked at allowing scientists to use government money for embryo creation and research on stem cells harvested from such embryos; Bush only affirmed the Clinton ban.


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