Does anyone know of any other uses for Sinemet besides Parkinson's or Parkinsonism traits?

I'm a Registered Nurse although I do not have a back ground in neurology. My neurologist put me on Sinemet about two months ago the drug works wonders for me, it takes away my stiff neck and stiff back symptoms most of the time and my tremors stop when I take the medication on time and regularly, my neurologist also is educated in the movement disorders and sits on a Parkinson Board here in my home state, but she said my problem is a rare condition called dancing toes, a year ago she said I had essential tremors, my understanding is essential tremors don't respond to Sinemet.

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  • I join you in being confused. I have recently moved consultants because of a house move. He now thinks I have Multiple system atrophy rather than parkinsons and has put me on sinemet plus. It helps but all the evidence says it shouldn't!


  • Me too very confused anymore... Thank you for sharing. The evidence part is what I'm having a hard time with to!

  • It's so complex isn't it ,

  • Yes it is! Thanks for sharing. :-)

  • Sine met helps me to sleep .

    . Parkinson's is greatly helped by muscle relaxants

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  • I get the same relief when I take the Sinemet, my muscles loosen up. Even though I take muscle relaxers for connective tissue disease, the Sinemet helps a lot, even though it's for the tremors. People probably think I'm lazy but I get so fatigued anymore.

  • Sine met is a very safe drug. If you increase the dose slowly say by one or two pills over one week. Then you should get a slow decrease in tremor. By thee way did you know that if you are almost out of sinemet half a glass of cider is a good substitute

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  • No I did not know that glad you told me because I really think I may have to apply for social security disability and I'm worried about health insurance and my medications... like the rest of the country I'm sure who has prescriptions..

  • The only other thing I have heard of is RLS.

  • Yeah, me too and my second opinion two years ago ruled out RLS because my first nerve conduction test was negative but a repeat nerve conduction was Not normal back in March of this year in my lower legs and left ankle, nerve damage was detected. Yeah I only know of RLS to for Parkinson drugs...


  • If I don't take that Klonopin I flop around like a fish after a day and half with out it. very confused about all of it anymore.. We have to keep living but it is so nice to share with people that is experiencing some of the same symptoms and treatments.

  • I think it is best to think of some of these conditions as being on a Parkinson 'spectrum'. Some of the symptoms may be responsive, some named conditions overlap others. Neurology is complicated, the brain is complicated,and knowledge is only really in its infancy. When we have real time scanning that is affordable and practical some of these things will become better understood, as we will be able to see what it happening. Until then knowledge grows slowly, and sometimes we get conflicting diagnoses moving us from one place in the spectrum to another. I believe there are some childrens' conditions that respond to sinemet, though goodness knows what they do when side-effects emerge somewhere down the line.

  • There's agreat book called "Shadow Syndrome :" doesnot include PD but should

  • I will have to read it. Another piece to my puzzle of many pieces I have forgot to tell her I had lead poisoning as a child, I was even hospitalized for the lead poisoning and constantly tested and I have read that metal poisonings can cause parkinsonism syndrome.

  • I have at least 10 factors in my background which may have caused my PD. "I am the cure!"

  • Yeah that is true.

  • I have found that Sinemet gives me relief from the constant shaking.

    Some relief; not all, but I am grateful for what relief I do get.

  • I'm grateful to for something that works :-)

  • This reply seems negative, but feel I should contribute my experience anyway. I've been on Sinemet Plus 25/100, four times a day at 4hr intervals, for about 18 months. It was tremors that sent me to my GP a few years ago. He diagnosed PD (he spent much of his early training in neurology) and this was confirmed by a neurology consultant. Since the initial diagnosis other typical PD symptoms have emerged, such as stiffness, awkwardness, occasional rigidity of the right shoulder, etc but I'm not sure the medication helps in any way! The tremor is the most disabling, paricularly in social settings, but I still exercise quite a lot and I have a caring family and friends. Sometimes I think the Sinemet makes the tremor worse (the Sinemet leaflet hints as much). Still, I dutifully take the medication until such time as I see the consultant again.

  • Thank you for sharing. It's great to share this type of info. with people who understands it or have experienced some of the same symptoms and medications.

  • Thank you for sharing. It's nice when people open up and share. Because it is complicated for sure!

  • No, Thank you for sharing because it's very confusing. If my doctor would just say this is what I think maybe going on... but this dancing toe syndrome and then back to essential tremors and then back to dancing toes very confusing... thank you so much for sharing because it does help me realize maybe I'm not the only one! When I tell her about my stiff neck and back it gets excused off as being just tight muscles I just want to say REALLY, REALLY UGH LOL... I have been seeing my chiropractor weekly and if I skip a week I'm in big trouble. I use stretching exercises and I use to walk a lot and go to gym until about a month ago I got lazy, planning to get back in there soon. I use to pay for chair massages weekly and take muscle relaxers and still no relief in site. I got a TEN unit and I sometime sleep on a heating pad that shuts off every two hours and it wakes me up after it goes off, I haven't slept on it lately but it sure does help with all the morning stiffness.

  • Your guys are right it's very complicated!!!

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