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Found on Vegan website: Raw Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil, Raw Cocoa, Raw Organic shredded Coconut, Raw sliced Almonds; Stevia -thoughts?

What do you think of this for someone who can't stand to eat the Coconut Oil by itself? My husband has PD, and I would like to give it to him in a form he will eat daily for 6 months. Your input would be greatly appreciated.

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You can use it to cook or bake with instead of another oil or butter.

I mix 2 tbs in coffee, hot tea or hot apple juice.You can barely taste

it. You could mix the ingredients you mentioned and put them in oatmeal or cereal with coconut oil. Hope this helps.


i eat it directly from the jar or i mix it with my oatmeal , coffee. i hope this well help you.

thanks jerry gvg533


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