Parkinson's Movement
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(That is not what Mylie Cyrus does is it?)

I had become more difficult to understand - stuttering and slurring almost every word

I went to my neurologist so he could work his magic so my voice could at last be heard

My movement through stages of this affliction has been relatively slow-that’s the good news

For there are so many suffering from the same disease who would like to be in my shoes.

He turned me off and back on a number of times – to determine the best settings perhaps

When he finished – Wow, my head was really throbbing as a result of his numerous “zaps”.

I left the exam room reeling like someone who had a close encounter with the electric chair

But eternally glad he can “fix” me with a tweak here and there and not even mess up my hair

What we can endure always amazes me and is somewhat comforting I must say

To know that our bodies and our minds are resilient enough to bounce back in a day.

I am lucky to live in a time when I can benefit from all of the miracles of modern medicine

Rather than living some time ago, well aware how difficult that would have been.

I ‘m just going to take life one day at a time, relishing every minute like it was my last

Cause it is true that as we grow older, the days seem to fly by, going way way too fast

I can barely finish reading the obits, just to make sure my name is not listed there

Before the day is over and gone, and I sit shaking my head and muttering “where”

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Very funny and now you have introduced me to Miley Cyrus and her twittering, what a bonus!


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