Hey Parkies, I almost 4got to let u no about an orgaination, that specializes In surveys for DBS patients. I have been taking them 4 over a year now. It is called dbs4pd.org. And 4 the parkies that r homebound , u no longer have to say I can't partisapate because I can't get out, no reason now not to join in!! They also share the results when the data is all in. They mail u the survey, postage pd. envelope is supplied and simple instructions. So 4 those of u who thought they wood never get to join a pd clinical trial, HERES UR CHANCE. They give u3-4 wks. 2 finish.I have done 2 now, sleep disorders w/dbs and dbs; fall risks.I'm so happy o do these surveys. So when someone asks have u been in a trial, u can now say y es. And it helps pwp. If u have any questions feel free 2 contact me on this page. ENJOY, fronya

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  • Fronya

    Is this for everyone or just those in the US?

  • yes, I went back on the website, even if u don't have a dbs. they want u to join in the surveys And Hikoi i'm gonna check to c about using out side of the USA. be right back!!

  • Hik oi- the answer 2 ur question, absoultley. if u want to get ahold of them call,1-800-579-8440 I hope u enjoy it.

  • I would be interested. DBS at Mayo Rochester MN. 4 years ago...... DX 10 years ago and meds weren't working consistently any longer.

  • Pelley, that's the same reason I had a DBS. I was over medicated, and all the side effects were killing me. u name it haulsinating,(by the way I can't spell anymore) bad bad bad dyskensia.!!!

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