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weight crashing thru the floor

I will always be representing my wife, who was diagnosed two yrs ago with pd . She in not computer literate.

Azilect is her primary med. The doctor gave a second med, a dopamine antagonist and another med for the hallucinations caused by the antagonist.

The hallucinations caused by the second med became permanent residents, 24/7. The med to stop hallucination didn't work. fortunately, I ran across this site, tried the CO..and there is an improvement in just 2 days, mentally, more cognizant, walking better, taking better, has her expressions under control..... sunlight on a cloudy day.

One big problem though. her weight is going fast from initially In the last 8 months, from160 to 135 then in the last

4 weeks 125 to 117.5. Need some weight on advice. she is 5' 10"

Oh yes, she has been on Nopalea for 3 weeks and that was to fight inflammation, since in Blaylocks report, it mentioned that there seems to be inflammation of the brain when there is PD. Well, it made her feel a lot better and all, it really did inprove somewhat... but her weight is crashing.

The CO has help her in movement, much faster, and more erect. along with B12

In all this post, I am worried about her weight, the doc can not figure it our and neurologist is in a different sphere.

comments on all will be appreciated.

thanx all

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There have been other questions about weight loss in the past so you may find some information there though I don't know how to do a search.

Weight loss happens in Parkinsons for some people. There are lots of reasons but one could be that if your wife's gut is not working well she may not feel hungry and so needs to be encouraged to eat small snacks often.


Maceman, your wife might benefit from taking probiatics before each meal. Also, along with coconut oil i often have coconut cream which is delicious nutritious and caloric. Great for too skinny people. Also, is a great store to visit. Good luck!


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