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DBS and weight gain plus blow to head

Had DBS more than year and half ago after being diagnosed with pd over 17 years ago . About 6 month I got hit in head with a bar across entry to public garage and then six month later ad a ad fall and hit he's don kitchen counter, seems after first hit I gained a few pounds. Had not gained any after DBS then after fall really put pounds on. No change in meds at all. Any body else had like experience?

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hi fifteenyearspd- Im not a dr. but I don't think the fall or hiton ur noggin has anything to do w/ur u gaining weight. Have u told ur dr. this. I have been in a lot of support groups for p.d. but never have seen or read about this. I'd b really interested to hear hat ur dr. thinks. Keep us all informed. God speed fronya


Yes I have gained a ridiculous amount of weight since my DBS in 2011. Nobody seems able to help me .....Tony


I have not had DBS but I do have a weight problem, (If I let it get hold) not too sure it is related to the drugs.

I suspect because I dont go on my long solitary walks like I used to .

Perhaps it is just lack of exercise though!

I do skip meals quite often, that does help to keep the weight down.

I think one is between the Devil and the deep blue sea on this one.

If you put weight on, you are liable to do less movement. If you take it off you constantly feel hungry.

I think one has to find middle of the road contentment with weight.


I have gained about 20 pounds since DBS in June 2012. I needed to gain, however, because I had lost so much weight with my tremor predominant PD

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that's good to hear, that you were able to gain weight after a significant drop.

Reply just highlight how differ erect we all are and how PD is very individual--


I had DBS surgery June 2012 and was in car accident January 2013. The accident set me back a symptoms returned. Daily exercise, physical therapy, and reprogramming every 2 months has improved my DBS. I have stabilized my weight at 158 despite the daily activity. My optimum weight is 150.


my husband has the opposite problem. He lost 30 pounds. Diagnosis in 2007 and then when it got a bit worse he gradually lost weight. He's been steady now for about a year but recently lost another 5. From 165 to 160 and starting to look frail. I think depression has something to do with it. Or malabsorption of his food. Or the difficulty he has eating. I think the whole weight thing is under-studied. Or at least I don't see very much on it except for Sinimet and protein intake.


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