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Two questions for those with DBS

There has been several questions recently about DBS which leads me to 2 more. There are 2 different sites for electrode placement. One is the globus pallidus internus and the other is the more common site, the subthalamic nucleus. Do you know which site has been used in your procedure?

Also, prior to surgery where you tremor dominate or did you not experience tremors? I never have had significant tremors, mainly dystonias and bradykinesia... cramps and slowness.

Any comments regarding overall success would be helpful.

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Good questions. My symptoms are much like yours. Minimal tremor but lots of freezing and involuntary movements.


Generally Tremor Dominant PD goes STN and often less tremor dominant GPI. But that is also something that is discussed between you and your MDS. Your doc would discuss this with you prior to surgery and why they want to go where they want to go. If they dont.... FInd a new dr.!


hi there pdadvocate what are the initals STN and GPI tks


Hello pdadvocate, please may you explain what STN and GPI mean.


STN is the sub thalamic nucleus and GPI is the globus pallidus internus.


There is a third site that can be used for PD, but is usually done for essential tremor which is thw thalamus. It reduces the tremor but not the other symptoms of PD.

I was originally diagnosed with essential tremor and had DBS (thalamus) which worked for about 2 years. I then started to develop other symptoms of PD along with the return of the tremors Was diagnosed as having PD and ET. I am considering DBS again with placement in STN which should reduce tremor, rigidity, bradykinesia, gait problems and dyskinesia.


I had bad tremor and dyskenesia, along with terrible rigidity and slowness of movement. My placement was in the STN. Another factor for going down the GPI rather the STN is that GPI is lower risk of depressive complications post surgery. I had severe depression and anxiety for years prior to DX, and subsequently, although my docs reckoned I was ok to proceed with STN.

What you must remember is there are 4 nodes on each probe so if you are having bilateral surgery (both hemispheres same time) you have a total of 8 nodes to activate/deactivate on the stimulation. They will adjust and see what deals with as many of your symptoms accordingly.


I am building up to DBS and I can tell that all the posts are most very helpful.

Thank you!


Has anyone had any experience with the Movement and Neuro-something center in Englewood, Co.(USA)?

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I was implanted in the sub thalamic nucleus. I was diagnosed in 2002 with early onset and my surgery was Jan 2010. Tremor in my right arm/hand was the predominant symptom. Currently I am still tremor free on the right side but occasionally notice my left thumb is trembling. My battery is starting to decline so I will soon need a replacement. I also have other symptoms like crazy sleeping habits at night and "dead tired" episodes during the day that hit suddenly and I HAVE TO sleep immediately. I also am more "scattered" than normal-I make half the bed and find myself starting another task. I also trip because I don't lift my feet high enough and if I lean too far forward I fall forward-last week I fell "in a drawer."

If you are a candidate-go for it!! You have so much to gain.


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