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Wondering about the drug cocktail

Two days ago I had the flu jab and at the same time and arm had the pneumonia jab, both for the first time. Felt rotten 12 hours later and since, with PD symptoms all displaying more vigorously. Looked at possible side effects (does anyone read them before taking a drug?) and seem to have virtually all of them. Was I ill advised given I already take 9 drugs daily and know I have a severe allergy to wasp stings? Does anyone else experience bad reactions to taking a cocktail or was it just my bad luck?

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Some people do say they have symptoms of the flu afterwards some very poorly my husband hasn't had any problems with it until this year can't say for sure but he didn't seem to be as good afterwards but of course that is how Parkinson's is . so up and down .


I believe you can have some problems with the flu vaccine i.e. feeling ill for a few days but it usually goes away.

I reckon it must be better to have that short inconvenience than a full blown attack of influenza resulting in a dose of pneumonia and many other long term complications.


About 4 years ago, my husband had the flu shot in one arm and the pneumonia shot in the other (his PD wasn't as bad as it is now) . After approx. 24 hours, he was having a reaction to one or the other. We went back to the clinic where the shots were given and they immediately called our family doctor. He ended up getting Shingles really bad on one side of his face, head and in his eye. It was worse the next day so he was sent to an eye specialist to make sure his eye was o.k. It was extremely painful for him and took quite a while for him to recover. They don't know for sure what exactly caused the Shingles but were attributing to getting both shots at the same time. He has still gotten the flu shot every year since and has never had any problem. His PD/dementia is extremely bad now so I am not so sure I want him to have the flu shot this year - still debating.


I had always been told PD and flu shots weren't a good idea..........until this year. All of the sudden, it's a good idea. Had the flu and pneumonia shot at same time, different arms. Never got sick, but sure wasn't right for almost a week afterwards. Also have a reaction with wasp stings, steroids and I become best buddies! Stayed very sore for about 1 1/2 weeks after the injections in each arm.


I had the same problem after my flu shot



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Thanks for replies - all grist to the mill. Update on condition 8 days on: Day 6 the hot & swollen upper arm at last subsides, but left (still) with dizzy feelings at the slightest activity, like vertigo. Thinking that blood pressure must be low, knowing it to be a side effect of Sinemet Plus I had that checked yesterday. Found to be normal. Guess I just wait it out some more.


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