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Some advice that works for me

1) If you get sick in the stomage in the morning taking your medisin (sinmeth) start by taking 1/2 tablett,eat your breakfest (1/2 hour) and then take 1 tablett.By doing this i never get sick.The rest of the day there is no problem taking a full tablett.

2)Sleep naken (this is serious)

It is unnaturial in the beginning (first month) but as you get used to it there is no way back.But you have to be 100% naken,nothing on the body.It is ofcause terrible cold the first 20 sekonds.

Why doing this?

a) It is mutch warmer

b) it is mutch easy'r to change posision and you will change sleeping-position more often during the nigth

Try it and you will se what i mean.

3) Sleeping problems?

One reason is dopamin agonist

If you are using neupro,remove it from your skin 1 hour before you get to sleep and i can garenti you will be suprised next morning.

my docter in norway was not agreed in the start , today he is using the metod not only by those that cannot sleep but also those the other way around,those that is sleepy threw the day. Theese last's to remove neupro in the morning and put it on in the evning.

4) Dry mouth during sleeping,wake up and has to drink water?

try this (norwegian)

5) If you have chest pain / tension the reason migth be dopamin agonist.I used neupro and had to stop completly for a period to get rid of the problem.Redusing the dose didnt help.I had to stopp completly.No i'm trying very carefull (2mg Neupro) to start again.

all the best

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I am going to try your recommendation on the Sinemet. I do get very nauseous and have had numerous vomiting episodes that necessitated IV fluids and electrolytes.


I hope it will work out for you Susie.I said 1/2 hour but if that dosen't work try a littel longer time (1 hour) between 1/2 and full Sinemet



I tried it this morning, still nauseous, will keep trying!


I'm sorry it didnt work for you Susie.I've tried to stop with it severel times but I get nauseous every time i dont du this.I wisch you luck


I saw my neurologist yesterday, even though they do not advise taking sinemet with food, he wants me to try it and see how it works out. As you have said, the morning dose is the problem for me, other doses are after I already have food in my system.


Hei Susie.

To be honest i am not imprest by the neurologist's i've gone to.All the things i have discovered i have done by my self.And why so?Well,what can you exspekt in 2 visits a year 1/2 an hour?

The main roule is always to do what your neurolist says,but it must be aloved to think yourself too.

I am always eating a meal after taken sinemeth all day threw,if not i get sick.

If i where you i would try to take 1/2 sinemeth in the morning , eat a good breakfest and waith up against 1 hour before taking the rest.In adition i would reduse the seken dose slitly over time to see if it helps.The reason why we get sick migth be that it is a "shøck" for the body in the morning starting up with the medisin.By trying gradualy starting up it migth help??

I wish you all the best.


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