Does anyone else have tremors yet underactive thyroid levels are fine?

Just spoke to specialist nurse and she said my thyroid levels are fine - had recent baseline blood tests done. However she could not give me any other results as these need to be discussed at doctors meeting. I also had an MRI scan for the pituitary gland, so awaiting results. I have profound primary hypothyroidism and an ACTH level of 13 (adrenal insufficient). I am experiencing terrible tremors in my hands and feet, I had the tremors before I was diagnosed with the thyroid and adrenal problems, but they have returned and seem to be getting worse. I know you can get tremors if you have an overactive thyroid, but as said my levels are fine. Has anyone else had this?

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  • I have no issues with the thyroid, and tremor mainly in head/neck and right arm. At times internally as well.

  • Hello Sherrywolz

    Your point about internally as well has helped - as I feel like I have an internal shaking in my arms and sometimes feet. This is especially if I rest my hands or the shaking is not as extreme.

    I had an MRI scan recently - results in November, this was to check the pituitary gland, but if there is anything else (Parkinsons) hopefully they will pick this up then?

    Thanks for getting back to me.


  • This site isn't very good for helping you find other posts, but there are two threads about internal tremor/vibration that others have started.

    This is a link to the first of them (I'll go and find the other):

  • Hi brockie

    Thanks for response, I have submitted my position to that group.

    Parkinsons has not been mentioned to me at this point and yet some of my symptons fit in.

    Do you have a thyroid problem?

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