I had been on Xanax for anxiety for several years prior to my PD diagnosis in October 2007. In August of this year my PCP would no longer

give me Xanax .25 and put me on Ativan .5. Since then I have stress on my heart and keep having anxiety/panic attacks daily. I called my Neurologist and he doesn't want to handle this part of it. My PCP wants to do a stress test but my insurance sucks and won't pay any of it. Anyway who handles your anxiety issues for you?

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  • I go to a psychiatrist who checks what I'm taking as prescribed by other doctors. I have been taking Paxil for anxiety since 2001. Panic attacks are really almost the worst as you think you're going to die.


  • I know - they are terrifying. I am alone a lot because he husband is a truck driver. Now my PCP wants to see me again next week.

  • I take Xanax and get the prescription from my Neuro. He didn't want to give it to me, but I kept asking. I told my PD nurse that it cost me $50.00 to get the prescription from another doctor. . He said that since I'm on such a very low dose .(25 X 3) and I wasn't having any problems that he would give me a prescription. Maybe you should look for a new Neuro, that is a little more understanding. I've heard that a lot of people with PD take Xanax to help their muscles relax. Hang in there. Blessings.

  • My doctor only gave me 45 pills per month and most days I only took 1 and he started treating me like I'm an addict. He had me crying last time. I think it's time to replace both of my doctors.

  • I'd been with my Neuro for seven years and she was never agreeable to rx for Xanax. Hah! Good thing my GP had been prescribing it for the past ten years! You know I USE IT ONLY AS NEEDED. Some times only 2 or 3 times per week. But it's the best fastest chill pill I have ever used. Works in 15 minutes and you pee it out in three hours. I am hearing from my friends, young and old, a resistance to prescribe this. I can only imagine abuse is suspected? I've been on it as needed with a low dose (that's never changed volume or strength) for a long time. Maybe my GP trusts me by now. **I live in a state in the US where MMJ is legal with proper application. An indica strain is great with only one or two puffs to calm you and your tremor down.** Oh and I have a new Neuro now and he's great! Best of Luck**

  • I never abused the Xanax - that is what makes me so angry. I wish mmj was legal in Ohio. I think I'll just buy a bag of pot and stay away from the doctor.

  • Do you find your anxiety fluctuates with your on and off times?

  • yes it hits me like a brick wall about 9:00 am everyday.

  • I had very bad panic attacks years ago went to my Internist and he told me to exercise every day get my heart rate up I did and thre panic attacks went away and never came back

  • my doctor told me to exercise 5 days a week. sometimes it does help.

  • I took myself off xanax, didn't work for me. I only use it when I fly. I take klonopin to fly. What I want is something for dystonic pain for those situations where I can't lie down. Neuro says no. Any suggestions?

  • We thought for ten years that my husband was having panic attacks and in a sense he was. The question was 'what triggered them?' He always feels like he is going to vomit but never does. It turns out that increase in stomach acid was the culprit but that makes the question, ' which came first the chicken or the egg?' Does he get the acid first or does the acid come from anxiety...as in butterflies in the stomach when speaking in public...the butterflies are probably stomach acid generated by anxiety but to a normal person this isn't a big deal.

    Now we know the attacks come:

    1. When he has gone too long without food, more than 3-4 hours (that has to be acid preparing for food and not anxiety.)

    2. When he studies the stock market (anxiety, obviously).

    3. When he engages in compulsive behavior without being deterred (that behavior is the result of anxiety and acting on it does NOT RELIEVE anxiety but increases it)

    Why would anxiety cause acid? Maybe because we are programmed in the 'fight or flight' to either vomit or defecate when chased by enemies to keep them away by spreading noxious smells.

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