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Who am I

This was the first question I asked myself in the process I decided was the way forward for me to keep hold of my life after DX. The process I identified was this ..... Acceptance first then fulfilment. It sounds a bit 'on the couch' kinda stuff, self help book.... I haven't done either, this was just me dealing with me.

Who am I became a fundamental first step, after all how was I going to deal with anything if I didn't even know that. So I made a list, of all the things I thought I was such as kind, fun, optimistic, talks too much, too over powering, think I am right, not a team player.....etc I tried to be honest, and I tried to verify my choices. I then took a long look at the list and decided this.... I didn't have to change anything necessarily, I just had to know that I was like that and therefore what impact that might have on my life. Someone said to me today " I need to learn to be more patient' I said, I gave up on that years ago what I did is ' Learn to accept my impatience and adjust accordingly '

What I also did was to scrutinise all my bad points and work out which ones were likely to become major issues for me later on. Such as my inability to sit still and do nothing. This could be a huge frustration and probably will still be but I am being responsible and trying to plan now things that I can occupy myself with when I have less mobility. Back in the Spring I did a presentation to a team of delegates at a conference, they asked me to choose my own title, which I did ' Beyond the horizon, planning for the unknown ' where I spoke for an hour about how I felt I could deal with a future I didn't know. The first step being, who am I? I am typing this in case someone reads it and thinks it might be a good idea for them. I cannot say whether it would help you or not, but I remain the happiest and most adjusted PWP that I know.

Kindest, ever


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Colleen your my 'Thought for the Day'.

Thanks x


I was fortunate because I got my diagnosis at a point in my life where I already had tools to handle any unsurmountable obstacle (from my Buddhist practice in SGI and from my recovery work ). Congratulations, I'm sure you inspired a lot of people with your presentation.


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