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Does anyone have experience/information/opinion on the use of pickle juice to treat symptoms of PD?

Some PWP who use it on minor symptoms extoll its virtues. Some Doctors oppose it, as follows: " Pickle Juice is laden with salt and may leach dopamine from the nerve cells, thus worsening the condition." Under the heading of, "what can we lose", I have tried it on restless leg and minor cramping and have received relief. My "tests" were very limited

using the juice from Cucumber Dill Pickles. It sounds silly, but what DOES make sense in our Parkie world?

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I have heard of cider vinegar having medicinal properties for various conditions but never pickle brine.

Which reminds me of :-

There was a young lady called perkins.

Who was very fond of small gherkins.

One day out at tea she ate 43, and pickled her internal workings.





Perkins had a big brother named Bill

whose right hand just wouldn't lie still

but he got the hand workin' by ingesting a gherkin

nine cucumber sweets and a dill.

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All I can say to that is BuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrP!

They say a laugh is better than a dose of salts.

but after a dose of salts would you want to laugh?


I am looking at the sodium level in a serving of pickles (2 small pickles) The label lists 200 mgs of sodium per serving Of course the juice may contain more sodium but the recommended dosage of juice is small ( a couple of sips is suggested )

Most prepackaged frozen meals contain over 1000 mgs of sodium per serving. One serving (1 cup) of canned fat free Ravioli contains 750 mgs So in the grand scheme of things, the sodium level is much less than is consumed in an average processed meal. Fast food is also extremely high in sodium.

Pickle juice may be worth trying ...but like anything else moderation .

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Now that is very interesting! I have been trying to figure out why I got a very positive result from apple cider vinegar which I was trying for something else unrelated. I have been trying it for two weeks or so. Seems best for me to take a teaspoon or so just after breakfast.


I do this sometimes or aloe vera or lemon water


ingesting vinegar by the tablespoon (and a zillion other common household items) have been touted for centuries. At the very least, it's not a miracle cure.


Why no, BUT..... I've been told by a reputable source that a teaspoon a day of Coyote piss should do the trick and the deer won't ever bother you either! :•)


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