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anyone with sinemet er tried switching to ropinole?

I am on generic sinemet er 25/100mg 6-7 times a day, every 2 hrs and 40 minutes apart while i am awake. Barely walking and swallowing but higher doses gave severe dyskinesia. Severe nausea and vomiting and dizziness and palpitations and severe shortness of breath but my neuro would not switch! Tried mirapex and azilect with side effects and unable to tolerate. Tried to decrease daily doing of sinemet er but if taking sinmet er late than 2 hrs & 40 min. Then i have another set of side effects like severe head pressure and whole body tremor. I have whole body spasm and cramps and electric pain. Need help tapering off!

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ropinerole is just another name for requip, the devil drug!

I take 100/25 sinimet plus half a 100/25 sinimet CR (time release to postpone the wearing off) every 3 to 4 hours. I don't have tremor, I have stiffness and immobility. I am required to eat a meal or snack immediately after . I sometimes eat protein on purpose so as not to have dyskinesia, but it doesn't always work. The wearing off is painful and hits me right in gut.

Good luck figuring it all out :)

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i know i've heard it before, but don't recall the answer.

what is dyskinesia? when you have time. thanks.


as with many PD issues, it's often a trade off with two or more unattractive options as this article says.


Have you ever heard of Apopkyn. It is an injection. Look it up, maybe this would be good for uou.


I use Apokyn and it has helped me get my life back .It is an epi pen injection. A nurse from Apokyn comes to your Dr. office and shows you how to administer it and I was up and walking witin 10 minutes even my Dr. was surprised .


my husband is on ropinerole 3x a day and it works for him

there's a new long-acting pill for ropinerole that you take once a day to even out the dosage.

his insurance won't pay for it so he'll be on the TID schedule and go from 3 to 4

mg per pill.


Have you given thought to seeking a new Neuro specialist?


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