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BocowoA update - Assessing Damage

Assessing Damage

Whatever the individual situation in the occurrence of Parkinson’s Disease is, it is fair to say that it is almost impossible to ascertain the extent of damage within the brain or central nervous system, and the only measure generally available appears to be how a patient feels or is enabled, towards a sense of normality in their daily routine and overall mobility.

While taking BocowoA, it was very easy to monitor the improvements on account of the speed in which the changes physically occurred. Assessing any long term effects or possible benefit gained through the trial of this treatment however is an extremely difficult task, and a matter perhaps made a little harder in the fact to a change in my Neurologist who had not seen my condition prior to the use of BocowoA.

It also has to be said that during the early days, post diagnosis and subsequent years of living with the disease, it was quite a depressing twist in life where daily monitoring only increased the sense in a hopeless doom, which is something I guess every one with this ill has to deal with. Even now, it is harder to write than when trying BocowoA, simply as the Parkinson’s still has a grip in my daily routine albeit with some changes; and documenting those changes accurately is perhaps hardest of all, as I do not want to fool myself (remembering that I went out on a limb experimenting on my own).

By its very nature Parkinson’s Disease creeps into one's life over a period of time, and likewise recording the changes or any results is perhaps bettered and more accurately defined as time goes on; Once the dust of enthusiasm settles and any aspects in intrinsic sugar pill syndrome are accounted for.

So has using BocowoA made a difference with any lasting effects?

In may ways as I still awaken to a tremor in my right arm and right leg and the tide of improvements has waned from the period of the trial, for the observer little may seem to be different. However, getting up out of bed is far easier than it used to be, but I still get the odd occasion when I have to concentrate myself into further mobility if I have paused in mid stream of a walk to feed the ducks, and of course the natural inbuilt lazy aspect within occasionally requires a good kicking.

I guess in all this, perhaps the most truthful monitor of where I am in regard to Parkinson’s, may be independently confirmed by the levels and the effects of the prescribed medication I am now back on. For in recording the On Off aspect (following each dose as part and parcel of my new Neurologist's need to know) it has been determined that I require a far lower dosage than that that I had well imagined, when reinstating the L-Dopa medication after the trial stopped.

Before the trial I was taking up to 500mg L-Dopa every 24 hours and now I am averaging on 225mg per day

So my initial reasoning that it looked or felt as if I had regained a bit of my youth, appears to be reflected by the need and tolerance levels in my current prescribed medication, suggesting a similar pattern or aspect to where I was with Parkinson’s Disease seven years ago.

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Are you saying you stopped taking L-dopa for a while? Isn't that really dangerous? How did you manage that?


The L-Dopa was reduced progressively during the trial and I coped very well without it because of the benefits provided by BocowoA.

It took a while to readjust to L-Dopa after the trial as the reduced dosage was unexpected on my part, and my Neurologist kindly assisted in confirming the overdose symptoms with a helpful chart I filled in on a daily by hour basis.


I stopped using my Neupro patches because I was suddenly going to sleep in company, I felt so embarassed.

I do not feel any worse without it, and I certainly did not feel any better using it.

Perhps we should experiment!

I am not convinced the Doctors really know whats going on.


I had to do this last December with my husband on MIRAPEX and sinamet, stopping all pd MEDS at that time doing nutritional and vitamin therapy instead, I agree with you.


Over the years while my medication has generally increased as PD progressed, I found a reduction was necessary once I started using Coconut Oil (although more than a teaspoon a day makes no diifference or provides any greater benefit).

With BocowoA, as the trial progressed I found that I was better without any L-Dopa / prescribed meds what so ever; and I will certainly be looking to having another go, simply because the changes have been remarkable.

I am hoping that by sharing information via my blog and here, that some interest in it will materialise and a University Medically based trial can eventually be set up to explore the treatment's capability and potential, in sufficient depth for the product to become generally available.


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