Great day to be alive

What a great week end, I had the joy of becoming a great grandfather and a step great grandfather in ths same week!!!! I k.ow that has nothing to do with Parkinson's, but ig was a extremely blessed week to forget it for a while. For my great granddaughter I made a walnut and mahogany changing table, of which I am very proud. That does have to do with Parkinson's, andwwoodworking. I became woodworker after my diagnosis, a.d it has become a passion for me. I went from cutting boards to cabinetry in less than a year. I tried to add a picture but it wouldn't let me. I do have some pictures on my blog:

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  • Fantastic news but I disagree that it has nothing to do with PD - it has everything to do with it because shows there is life to be enjoyed outside of this miserable condition we all try to handle in our own way. There will be a price to pay but so what set against the joy of your week its worth paying. These opportunities don't come often so we have to grab them with both hands and hang on telling our 'friend Mr Parkinson' to go boil his head

    Olpilot your news has made my day already and I was heading for a bad one

  • Your right our lives do revolve around this, nice to have that touch of normal once and awhile. It is good to hear happy things here Instead of the usual. Have a great day and more


  • Congratulations!! You are a great role model for living well and being at the heart of your family. Live well

    and prosper in your new passion of wood working.

  • Great news. May your new grandchildren bring you much joy.

  • Bah Humbug! My grandkids come over wreck the house fight like wild cats, eat my pops, want to and so, make me play Mister Parkie the Ghost Monster. I drag my sorry-for-myself ass out of the rocker, which I made from coffins,, and chase the little screamers all round the massive house with a torn sheet over my head, I feel like an impoverished lowlife Klansman...(bad taste?) . day after freaking day they run amok all over my life, when I'm trying to wallow in my own parkietudinaitaly. Then I gotta make up their wallowing time, Alice's restaurant got nothing on Frank! Igive them a perk for watching the parking lot. A perk for a parking poke.

  • So happy for you, Olpilot.. Grandchildren are wonderful, and having great-grandchildren must be even more so.

    I have five grands, but no great-grands yet. Best wishes to all .

  • Congratulations olpiilot you have a beautiful family. Your woodworking projects are also beautiful. It must be theraputic for you and that's wonderful! :-)

  • congratulations! so happy for your growing family. and congratulations on your craftsmanship. i shop far and wide for gifts not made in China. all the best!

  • Good for you, enjoy



  • I love your attitude!

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