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Hate when this happens to someone

It's a shame, always loved her music, but it's a shame when anyone new, joins the club. I will miss her ability to sing, but not as much being able to continue flying, something I dreamed of since my earliest memories. Her announcement will bring Parkinson's disease in to the news for a day or two, then it will be forgotten until the MJF tv show starts. Then every week we can all see how funny it is to have this.

When a celebrity announces that they have it it makes headlines, when I was diagnosed we drove home in silence, not a word even in the local buyers guide. We all feel sorry for them, she can't sing, he can't act, I can't fly. For everyone out there with Parkinson's there is a family whose world has just collapsed, most of us just quietly start building a new world, a new dream, much less desired than the one we lost, but new one none the less. I feel for Ms Ronstat, I do, but no more than a fellow I met at a fund raiser who was new to this world, or anyone else that gets to join. The worst part about membership is it brings so many in with you, who could walk away if they really wanted to, but for some reason stay.

Sorry rambling a bit, but I can't help but wonder how in the world do you turn this into comedy. We all have our own parkie moments.we can laugh at, most we would.never share with the rest of the world. Sometimes though there are those who never have those funny times, they just shoot down hill, how do you show them? We'll see soon enough. To everyone who didn't make the news or the internet, and those who did,God speed and.God bless.

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We've all got something to say and some way to say it. We can also listen. Twice I flew to Missouri from New York to see to my 93 year old mom who had a stroke. She can no longer speak or swallow, and is being fed by a tube. It's rough not to be with her at her end and it's very taxing to have to travel wih PD.


God Bless and God speed to you olpilot and all of us for that matter. Pat, I feel your pain as well. Our children and grandchildren live in another state and travel is about too much for me to. As a result we see them once a year when they come to our house. :-(


I know MJF has lots of wealth, a beautiful wife, several great children, the nice home, and fame. He is a great actor, but I do not see how he can work at acting with PD at the severe stage it is at?

I love Linda Ronstat's music. It is such a shame that so many of us are losing our talent due to PD.

I'll end by saying I will say a prayer for all of us.


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