Parkinson's Movement

It's that time.... hello Mr Consultant

Monday, the start of the new week and for me a 4pm visit to my consultant, and a new one two boot! The appointment is slightly longer than normal I am told, this is so they can give me a good once over and no doubt tell me what's on the slide. They wont need to as I can easily tell them. I am very clear about my condition. It is 1. Incurable 2. Degenerative 3. Could turn my brain into something as useful as a pile of jelly, with the memory recall of an gnat. Oh this is not jolly hockey sticks bravado, this is my take on reality. My reality. The appointment, however long it is, won't be long enough, for I have a mighty list for the agenda. I am going to make a point of making sure I get across the most important things about my experience living with PD.

1. I rise above it everyday and believe me that isn't always so easy when you cannot fasten your own bra, when cleaning your teeth becomes a battle of repetitive movement, choosing my clothes takes 45 minutes of indecisive destroying of the wardrobe and the nausea is crushed by marmite.

2. That drumming saves me all the time, and I may well take my kit in the car, darn fine idea

3. That I am energised, busy, enthusiastic, fulfilled, have ambition, 'win' something everyday.

4. My life is full up with so many diverse and wonderful things that I often clean forget

5. The impact whilst hit like a tsunami, was simply that, one giant wave that went. I picked up the pieces and moved on

and I could go on and on and on...

Its simple, PD is about my focus on my wellness. I'll let them focus on my illness, after all, it is their job.

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Hi Colleen,

Today's top tip ----> get an electric tooth brush. Very good even if you don't have PD.


yep i had one, must replace it ! thx


Hi Colleen, youvé sparked me up for my visit ...same time tomorrow. I get on really well with my consultant but he's more likely to spend the time talking about research, asking why Im not going to Montreal and what was I doing in Feakle (County Clare) last week, learning step dancing. (Not the coolest dance , I admit but great fun!) I get longer than most of his patients but thats because I do my homework and am not afraid to challenge him..I get the distinct impression he feels a lot better about what he's doing after one of my visits. just wish I got as well paid as he does for keeping him going. Would love to be a fly on your wall this


Hi Colleen it is good to see you posting again! I guess our lives post "tsunami" are not about waiting for the storm to pass, but about learning to dance in the rain. Stay tough!


Colleen you always inspire and energize me. Glad to know I'm not the only one that can't fasten a bra! Thanks for the laugh. :-) It's 2:31 a.m. Mountain standard time. I should be sleeping but we all have these nights. :-(


all so true. takes me ages to get ready. I've decided anything that doesn't make the wearable category more than once goes to the thrift store no matter what my attachment to it is. My clothes have to fasten properly, hang properly, fit in the morning and in the evening when the ibs kicks in. If the shoes come off while crossing a street, they go to thrift shop :'(


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