I retired more than a year ago after 38 years in social work. I was 60 at the time of retirement. When I was diagnosed four years ago I was sure I would not need to take the medicine they wanted me to take. I was also sure I was tough enough to keep working. I lasted about six months before I was taking sinemet and almost two years before I retired. I wasn't cheated. I had a great career and probably only retired a year or two before I would have otherwise. Compared to folks who are diagnosed in their 20's and 30's I have nothing to complain about. It has been an adjustment though to retirement. I'm sure it is for anyone. Each day now I feel more and more retired. I do frequently think, or fantasize about returning to work. The fantasies only last 15 minutes or so. The funny thing is, I only fantasize about the good days at work, the successful days. Never about the difficult days when I fantasized of retirement. I am grateful for the time in retirement. Maybe I could of struggled a year or two more but to what end. Time or money. I'll take the time of peace and the quiet. The work world goes on without us. I think it was Lincoln who said "the graveyards are full of irreplacable people". We are told we are irreplacable, and then we are replaced. Happily. That is the way it should be. Sorry for the ramble. Just felt like writing.

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  • I still dream about work and I retired at the end of 2009. I think the stress was a driving force behind the onset. I had non-motor symptoms of PD prior to diagnosis. I'm thankful I'm retired.

  • I never thought I could enjoy an unstructured day & when I retired at 59 I was very apprehensive. The fatigue & other symptoms have been relieved & at 62 I can honestly say I LOVE RETIREMENT! Each day is a beautiful gift whether I accomplish anything or not. And, yes, I enjoyed the travel but focus now on those shorter trips visiting my grandchildren.

  • Yes I miss the good days when there was teamwork and difficult problems solved. I don't miss the many days when there was not! Taking care of myself and a few other people in my support network is a full time job!

  • i was dx with pd feb 2012 and i cannot stay wkin as it is killing me standing in a shop 4 hrs so i am goin to giv up listening to d comments i tink it will b d rite choice at least i mite get a life bk wish me luck

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