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U step Laser walker..


Mine arrived 3 days ago..It is bulky and heavy.. doesnt move well on carpet, cant see the laser outside, beep volume cant be lowered. I sound like a garbage truck when It backs up!. But ill put up with all that if It helps me not to freeze..any thoughts?

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It might be possible to reduce the volume of the beeper by applying some tape over the opening from which the beeper sound emerges. Perhaps ?

ivyanne in reply to Pete-1

Thanks Pete, my clever husband figured out how to turn the volume down, but you had a great idea

Disappointing, sounds like. Maybe someone can train you on it. Maybe the weight training will strengthen you. My 3 wheel walker has given me some upper body strength. Keep us posted. In NYC no one would notice another noise like a beeper :D

ivyanne in reply to PatV

Thanks Pat, i need to continue to use the new walker and Im sure It will get easier. It Has to..Lol

Larry_H in reply to PatV

Hello I too have the U-Step Walker.. I will address this in more detail in another post. I received VERY little training in the use of the walker. The lights don't work as the battery keeps slipping out of place. So I don't even use it. I have tried the light many times but it just does not help me. neither does the beeping sound to keep a constant walking stride.. I find that both sides o me are supported then I do not freeze up or fall. Thanks'l

My husband had a U step....it seemed perfect...and probably is for most people. When his gait was stable, the laser and increased stability was perfect, but because of his severe balance issues, he falls a lot at times. This device WILL NOT absorb repeated falls from a 250+ pound individual. Needless to say, it is no longer available to him for the times when he has an "on" day. Sad for him, but undoubtedly the device is awesome for those who can stay on their feet with a little assistance.

I have had my U-Step since late spring 13. I was happy to receive it as I had tried many different styles. I felt at the time the U-Step would meet my needs for helping me with freezing up. I only had an hour at home with the walker. It was sent as a demo in the home. I now with they had allowed me to keep it for a week or even a full day or trying it out. Had I been able to do that I would have considered another model. What I DO like about the U-Step is the short turning capability.

The "Wow Factor" is only in the looks I have so I will use it for what it is.. I cannot use the laser light or sound for walking. Interesting is that I can find about a much support from a shopping cart. I am finding that s long as both sides are supported I do not freeze up. I also find that I tire easily loading and unloading the U-Step from the car trunk. It doesn't fit very well in back seat.. So if you are interested in buying one gets much time on the wheels as you can. So all in all it is bittersweet having the U-Step.

ivyanne in reply to Larry_H

I bought the u step on my MDS advice without trying one first. I definately need more time on It..Right now i dont notice i Am freezing less.. It is hard to use on carpet at home. The true test will be using It in a public place where my freezing is at Its worse. Any stress brings It on too.. especially in doorways... I can conquer this!!

Larry_H in reply to ivyanne

As far as public use goes. I only use if at church and small stores. The larger stores that have power scooters . I use them instead of my walker. My back does not allow to stand very long.me. So I use if mainly at home. I am secure with the u-step. It does give me stability all around whereas the cane only offers one sided support and I freeze using a cane/

allot. I am not bound by doorways for freezing. I can strike anywhere. even in middle of room.



Fishaholic in reply to ivyanne

Yes it’s you less on carpet. Try googling U-Motion it’s looks about the same,but has bigger wheels on it. The only problem I think it’s made in the U.K.

muttie in reply to Larry_H

my u step does not have the sound featcher ,but i like the lazer a lot! i find it cumbersome, hard to push on the carpet, its too heavy to transport in the car -------BUT i like it it sure beats the ligher ones , and i also like the short turning capasity

I've had the UStep for several years. The light really helps me to concentrate on taking bigger steps. The only complaint is that t doesn't move easily on pile carpet.

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