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The Patch

The other day I had my doctor visit with my neurologist. We went through the regular routine and then he said he wanted me to try a parch. I was happy as that would eliminate some of my pill popping.

I found out in a hurry that the patch is not very 'sticky- strong'. I also learned there are a lot of places on your body to put it. I think I covered every inch of my body looking for the right place. It had to be somewhere you don't bend a lot or sweat a lot. That narrows it down considerably.

I started on my stomach but that wrinkled when I sat down. Then I tried my thigh and it got lost when my pants would be pulled on and off. Then I tried my lower back but I couldn't keep my eye on it.The patch had a tendency to fall off or be forgotten when it was out of sight. This was not good. When your patch is not visible you stand a good chance of wearing two.

I have come to the conclusion that the best place for me is my upper arm.There I can apply it and wrap a stretchy band-aide around my arm to hold it in place. I look like I have the arms of a weight lifter but it does stay on.

The first night I slept with it on I couldn't find it in the morning. It had started on my thigh and had some how traveled to my head stuck in my hair.

Say, come to think of it, perhaps the best place would be right across the forehead!

So friends, if you start the patch, be ready to be creative.

Good luck!


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Aw Cmon, Koko!!! Anyone who can make cookie dough stick to a wall should be able to find a place to attach a neuro patch. Keep on keepin' on.


You've just mirrored my experience with the neupro patch except sometimes by morning it ends up stuck to my hubbie poor man....the new non refrigerated ones don't seem to stick any better either. it can become a hit and miss each morning wondering where next to stick it and as you say easy to forget the old one if its out of sight. But i whatever is in it it's the one drug that I know when i haven't taken. It seems to be the coating on the cake for the stalevo and requip I'm currently on


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