This question is for the younger PD sufferers (no offence to the elders). Have any of you got relatives with Alzheimers?

I have no relatives with Parkinson's but several with Alzheimer's. I had my DNA test done and I have a lower chance of PD than most but a greater chance of Alzheimers. I was diagnosed with PD at 48, now 56, and my Dad and I seem to be losing our marbles at the same rate. Is there such a thing as young onset Alzheimers?

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  • I am in this group because I wanted to find out more about Parkinsons Desease for my friend, however my father died of Lewi Body which is Parkinsons and Dementia together , I am in the thyroid group for myself - Did you know Threads that brain dysfunction can also be related to Thyroid Hormone conditions , but you are lucky if one can get a diagnosis for any Thyroid condition , since the NHS are insistent on using faulty out of date TSH blood tests , currently there is a petition happening in Scotland by three Ladies, the world is actually watching what is occurring there due to so many people with undiagnosed thyroid conditions and the terrible fact this leads to other serious illness's - GO to You Tube and write in the search bar Scottish Petition Thyroid , there you will see the petition that was actually filmed upon the day with the Scottish Parliament Petition Panel - I believe my father had a thyroid disorder which was never picked up, and thats why he died of Lewi Body (Parkinsons and Dementia)

  • Thank you so much for replying. I had part of my thyroid removed a year before being diagnosed with PD. i have been taking thyroxine ever since. As soon as my tremor started I went straight to the thyroid specialist because I thought that was the cause. He sent me to a neurologist and Ive been taking PD pills ever since. I lived in the USA at that time. Now back in UK, can't seem to get anyone to listen to my thoughts. I will watch the video later. Also want to find out what my Dads twin died of.

    I also had an ovary removed which can trigger hormonal tremors etc.

    Parkinsons is such a big umbrella. A bit like saying one has cancer without stating what kind.

    I will continue with the puzzle, please keep in touch. Thank you again.

  • Welcome Threads :)) Join the thyroid group many people cannot convert from T4 to T3 which happens in the liver , therefore their thyroid hormones T4 they are taking are not making them well , they remain ill

  • ok i watched the video. I go to see my specialist on the 15th, will sit in his office till he reads al the info. Thanks.

  • You are very welcome hope you get sorted :))

  • If one cant convert T4 to T3 then memory is impaired eventually, I take NDT and my memory returned to normal (I do not fit the antiquated out of date blood tests )There is reference in the book Tears behind closed doors , a lady died of Alzheimers because she was never diagnosed with Hypothyroidism - Very sad indeed

  • not surprised. I had thyroid cancer and thyroid removed in 2001 (a terrible year for New Yorkers) and my PD showed up 2002. My neurologist confirms that low thyroid exacerbates PD as well as grief (my son died 2002).

  • So very sorry to hear of your Trauma PatV, thats terrible what you have endured, we never think we will outlive out children do we. Thank you for posting your info very helpful indeed, I have copied and pasted what I wrote a min a go "If one cant convert T4 to T3 then memory is impaired eventually, I take NDT and my memory returned to normal (I do not fit the antiquated out of date blood tests )There is reference in the book Tears behind closed doors , a lady died of Alzheimers because she was never diagnosed with Hypothyroidism - Very sad indeed "

  • my neuro also agrees trauma exacerbates PD. concentration camp survivors have a higher rate of PD than other war survivors, e.g. thanks I will join the thyroid group -- never thought of it.


  • That figures, thanks. I was in USA 2002, nothing seemed quite the same after that. When I was diagnosed I was also divorced, and my father was gravely ill. So I moved back to UK getting scammed by the movers and leaving my son and pets behind. My grief could not touch yours but that happened mostly in 2007 and still affects me. My main PD problem is depression. I tend to hide it with comedy!

    The good news for me is that I will be a Granny next month and am returning to the USA to visit. I will have to be brave, especially when I leave, but I will survive one day at a time.

  • I hear you THreads! humor, one day at a time, and chocolate. if my kids aren't talking to me, someone else does. PD makes one mindful and appreciate the few things I CAN DO! :D

  • I was diagnosed at 45, now 50. Have no one that I'm aware of with Alzheimers or Parkinson's in the family tree. However, have also had Essential Tremor all of my life, and that has a very strong presence in my family.

  • I was diagnosed with PD at 44 years old, I also had 4 people on my fathers side of the family with PD . I have the abnormal gait type of PD. my toes also curl , very painful at times. I do not know if anyone in my family hAd or has Alzheimer's .hope this helps

  • I was diagnosed at age 53, but had symptoms before that. I have two second or third cousins, both women, both with early PD. My mother died at age 74 of Alzheimer's. She began to decline at age 65, gently at first and then she slid rapidly into the awfulness of Alzheimer's. I am 63 and this terrifies me when I allow myself to think too long about my future. Meanwhile, I work crosswords in ink with a timer and do a lot of family research.

  • Thank you for all of your answers. The thyroid thing was a dead end for me. I definitely have PD and like ParkyPooh2 I am desperately trying not to worry and trying to keep my brain active.

  • I honestly believe that challenging yourself is a key in the rate of decline. I started making stuffed animals, or critters as I call them, shortly after diagnosis to prove to myself I still could. Hundreds of critters later, and I haven't stopped yet. I sell them for the most part in order to continue making them, and donate a portion of each one to the APDA to help find a cure! My progression has been slow, and I credit that therapy for it. Challenge your fine motor and concentration skills!

  • I paint and bead. One of my paintings is in the Parkinsons UK calendar 2014. I also donate the money I sometimes receive for them. I don't tremor when I am painting.

  • Hi Thread,painting must bring you joy! What do you like to paint ? And what is bead? :)

  • There are cognitive impairment issues with ipd at any age but is not Alzheimer's related. Ipd is dopamine issues Alzheimer's is not. Memory issues or getting muddled can be a consequence of medications or/ and Parkinson's itself. It's too complex to ask whether relatives have Alzheimer's as there is. Probably no link. There is young onset Alzheimer's but this is not ipd related. Stress leads to memory issues as does anxiety.

  • I was diagnosed at 45 and am 48 now. I have abnormal gait type of Parkinson's and no one in my family on either side has had Parkinson's or Alzheimer's. I did the 23andMe DNA test and came back as low risk for PD and high risk for Alzheimer's. I too have the depression issues, have my whole life and use comedy to deflect it. My memory has gotten worse over the course of the last few years, stress making it worse by leaps and bounds.

  • I was diagnosed at 47 and did the 23and me also and everything else you wrote is the same for me. I was class clown in high school and live up to that still! Short term memory is bad, I repeat myself a lot. Oh we'll could be worse. :)

  • I was the same too, clown. As I got old it got easier to keep a straight face telling jokes that people could and still can't tell when I am kidding or not. I think looking back now that I was losing facial expressions and not aware of it. I was known as the person that knew all the answers to all the questions to all the weird facts. You always wants me on your trivia team. Can't remember much these days, very frustrating. Went pretty fast. Like you said it could be worse. Keep smiling.

  • I can't remember the beginning of jokes now, never mind the punchline!

  • Feel like I am the punch line these days.

  • I always said that if I was cured I would do one night of stand up comedy to celebrate!

  • For some reason I have never felt that this is the way it is going to be for me. I just see somehow or way being cured from this. Be it medicine or spontaneous combustion.

  • So I just went to the dentist and he said open wide and my brain said "I apparently can only open wide on one side!" We got there in the end. Life never turns out as expected with Parkinson's.

  • I am 56, diagnosed 3 years ago when I had a tremor in my left hand, first diagnosed with essential tremor, then PD a year later. I did the 23 and Me DNA test also and am found to be low risk PD, low risk Alzheimers, low risk essential tremor, and high risk for restless leg and MS. MS runs in my family with my mother, brother and uncle (on father's side) having the disease. No PD that I know of. I've been told if you haven't the genetic marker for PD then it's most likely environmental toxins.

  • I agree. Mine must be pesticides or dyes, or the bang on the head when I was a kid. Who knows?

  • Thank you everyone. I have just witnessed the birth of my first grandchild and am so excited to have made the trip there and back by myself. I met a lady on the plane on the way home that also had PD, we held hands for a second. Didn't need words.

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