Parkinson's Movement
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What causes the involuntary movements or dyskinesia, is it the pd or pd meds?

If it's the meds, which ones are most likely to cause these symptoms? I take 0.5mg of Ropinirole 4x dly., 100mg of Carb/Levo 4x dly., 100mg of Buprop 2x dly. (which I believe is the generic form of Wellbutrin) and 100mg of Comtan 2x dly.. However my Comtan was recently changed to a generic form by the pharmacy, called Entacapone, also 100mg, 2x dly.; this is what may be the culprit. I recently began noticing much more of the involuntary movements, but evident much more in the afternoon, although my morning meds are the same as my afternoon meds and both include all 4 meds listed above. Could it be the meds in general, if so, why does it affect me mostly with the afternoon dose? Could it be the new switch to the generic form of Comtan, again if so why only in the afternoon? Could it be the unbearable heat and humidity of late on the east coast, which in itself is overwhelming me? Could it be stress, which is also overwhelming me right now? Or has the pd claimed another part of me?

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Dystonia is abnormal muscle tension that produces cramping. Dyskinesia is abnormal movements that are snake-like writhing movements which can be a response to carbidopa-levodopa levels being too high. Overtime many people develop dyskinesia and capotone is added to diminish the movements.

As usual, everybody is unique with the presentation and response to meds. Your afternoon symptoms might be increasing levels of c-l dopa... or it could be heat, stress or the degradation process.


Thank you for correcting me, I changed my question to read dyskinesia. The dystonia is more what keeps me awake most of the night, tightening or cramping of my leg muscles. I hate having to take all these meds and then having to deal with the side effects and worry about the long term effects of taking them. Before pd, I never took so much as an aspirin.

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I am similar with dystonia at night. I take c-l dopa extended release X 2 at night.... one when I go to bed and one 4 hours later. It helps me sleep.


I have been taking. Sinemet for about 5 years and over time the dyskenesia Has become stronger and even more so with the addition. of Comtan. Then add some stress to the mix and i am a real mess


I also find that my freezing is worse on sinemet than When It wears off.


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