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Further to my blog 'Live each day etc' wondered if anyone else was going to try this

I suddenly thought it might be interesting to see if anyone else was going to try to live each day as your last and what new goals they were going to set themselves?

Having read the report on Tai Chi and how it helps with balance and gait, I have got myself a Tai Chi for beginners DVD to work on at home in the hope I may get the confidence to join a class.

Anyone else going to join me and if so, what are they going to do?


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hi sue

do not worryabout joingin a group of tai chi - it is absolutely great and altho u cna do it a thome it is so much better meeting new people (all of whom have a health problem at our age - i am 65 going on 15 (in fac t nearly 66)

the U3a has lots of groups an d is for the ove r 55s ( u that age - i apologise if u r younger!)

so let s party as it si nearly the weekend and enjoy ourselves whils twe can

love jill and a :-)


Just replied to the original post (my non computer day yesterday). My local gym has a "Healthy Life" class, which enables people with health problems to be supervised and helped to overcome any problems with the equipment. Yesterday I managed an extra minute on both the treadmill and thecycle! not mucch, but something. Take care all, Christine ;)


Sue, Congrats on starting Tai Chi and on your "live each day as if it were your last attitude"! I think I share it, as I don't want to miss doing whatever I can right now. I just started an online education program. I struggled a lot with "BUT... I may not be able to do the classes, finish the classes or ever work in the field". Then I decided that it doesn't matter. I'm going to enjoy whatever part of the journey I'm able to travel. So far I've been studying for a week, and I'm having fun.

I hope you enjoy the Tai Chi DVD and a class outside of home when your ready! Thanks for the information about it being good for balance and gait. I'm going to keep it in mind as something to give a try.


Have you approached your PD support team about Tai Chi provision in your area? One of our physios is qualified to teach beginners' Tai Chi & it is free to PwPs feferred by our team - IF we can get 3 or more people.As I live in rural Worcestershire this is proving a problem. Your local Parkinsons UK group may subsidise a teacher, it won't hurt to ask.


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