"He Stands By Me"

There are days,

So many days,

When you sit

beside me

Holding my hand,

whispering in my ear,

Waiting with me,

for the pain

That fills me up

To subside

You tell me

You cannot

Understand what

I go through,

But it hurts you


And you will


Let me be alone

and hurting

And as I sit up

Pushing the tears back

I glance over

To see you do the same.

I often wonder,

Why you stay.

Why you limit

Your life to

Accommodate mine?

There are lesser reasons

That have separated Lovers,

Turning past promises

Into lies,

Destroying lives

Causing more pain

Than any disease

Possibly could.

What makes you care?

Why am I special?

There's no money

I'll be leaving

bills instead

No Family

To speak of,

No one

To comfort you,

To share your loss.

I feel like I'm

Hurting you already.

I can feel you

Staring at my

Parkinson's as it

Shakes me,

My mind keeps









the dancing ends

but my legs

Continue the steps,

And I hardly notice

but I know you

Continue to see,

And record

in you mind

Each new tremor,

and every backward

Step I take.

Each morning

I wake,


Still beside me,

And I know

There can be

No one else

For me.

And so,

I gather my


And head to

The kitchen

For coffee


What this

New day

Will bring.


17 Replies

  • Beautiful

  • Thank you Jupiterjane....very nicely done


  • Oh dear, this is so true and brought me to tears. I know that my husband is noticing each 'backward step' and 'new tremor', he stays silent, but I know it upsets him - I see it in his eyes xx

  • A beautiful piece, thank you x

  • Each word expresses what I feel and think. Thank you.

  • What a beautiful poem. You put into words so many of my own feelings.

  • I can never, never, give enough Thanks and Praise and Love to "My Robert" for all he gives to me.

  • Dear JupiterJane,

    Your poem brought me to tears. My husband loved it too.

    I am doing really well now, but he has seen me through TWO DBS surgeries, the search for the best programmer in the country, visits to her across the country, countless trips to my neurologist in Boston, and bad days and happy ones too. Eleven year of this would undo most husbands but not him. I have found my true love, I don't know what I would do without him.

    Your poem captured the way I feel. THANK YOU!


  • Very nice poem, what happens in practical has been expressed in poem .I liked it

  • Very nice! That's how I feel about my Tom too! Thanks for sharing.

  • For Jupiterjane and my love June

    Unlike you, I have never suffered


    Those tears on my pillow are not mine


    In this darkest of nights I will not sleep


    I do not stumble on this rocky and treacherous path


    Now that we are being swept out into the wine dark

    You who have borne the burden of increasing responsibilities and a shrinking life with authentic love

    You have had your true love, your man, stolen, leaked away from you daily

    You who has defended my honor and pride by lying to cover for my mistakes.

    You who saw your life's dream explode, then swept up the pieces and was off to work before noon.

    You, who hold my trust, my power, my family, my Muse and my love

    You who have fought for me, shopped and cooked for me, tandemdanced with me, fed me and somehow still laughs at my stupid jokes.

    No, you are the one who has suffered


    I have become your Summer man, some days are good, some are not

    It's hard not to be self-centered when it takes all my concentration just to tie my shoes.

    But, Heaven still takes my collect calls,

    “Forgive me for my sins against you” fails miserably. I know that and that there is no blame..

    When “I love you”, seems so inadequate

    Idiopathic, 3 musketeer Logic

    all for one....but none for you.

    Thank you for giving me your heart, your love and your only life...

    I feel that I must be the luckiest man on the face of G-d's Earth..

    I thank G-d for all the gifts we have been given, so many wonders...

    And for all the great things that await us in the future....

    “Things just get better from here”...Michael J.

  • Thank you all for your poems and words. You help give me strength and courage to stay on this path.

  • JJ this is marvellous...I painfully wrote you an elaborate esponse then screwed it up and lost it. Gret jpb Jomnc. I LOVE to see poets in dialogue.

    Yes we honr our lovers, yes yes yes.

  • All I can say is your poem was beautiful.

  • You have warmed my heart and filled my eyes but deepend my respects for my man who stands by me.

    Thank you

  • Beautiful! May I Be that Patient Wife for my Dear Husband.

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