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The lesser spotted PJ post, well no spots at all and the topic :: Confidence and self esteem

So no folks, no sightings, not the merest hint of being found the spotty's remain in that Bermuda triangle zone which I have renamed a huge part of my planet as. So to draw a line under them and move on we are going to call in the silky ones, inspired by fellow WWP's (women with PD) the SPJ posts have arrived. Ok enough of that nonsense shall we have a real topic here in the blog section, one that affects us all, illness or not, but is certainly shadowed by PD.

My confidence came from a jam jar, yes its true. As a child in the wilderness albeit beautiful Shropshire Countryside with a fearsome but inspired Mother, I learned to keep myself occupied all summer with a jam jar. No TV no exotic holidays no fancy outings. Instead rose petal perfume, frog spawn (not at the same time) and other creatures filled my jar. I also learned to be independent to entertain myself and use my imagination. Curiosity molded into calm, assured, decisive. This has certainly opened all the doors in my life, and has no doubt made up for my short comings. With PD it starts to take a bashing and I find all sorts of niggles creeping in, not making decisions, hesitating, worrying about what people think, slightly paranoid... sound familiar?? Well I won't and don't stand for it. I top up my jam jar again by making sure I do things I am good at, making sure I surround myself with supporters, and supportive behavior. I don't beat myself up over stuff, and I make sure my day is as good as it gets. Self esteem is different its about you valuing what you do. About you taking the time for yourself, about knowing your worth. I top that up to by making sure I keep sharing my skills such as they are to help others. Passing on my knowledge and experience, trying to be a mentor and a guide. I also try hard to look my best, always making an effort, never default to pajamas during the day! I never watch day time tv, I don't have tv! I play music very loud, bake, paint, draw, write, chat, and work. I don't have it sussed but I do seem to function exceptionally well. If you are struggling or feel low a few suggestions tempered with they work for me, and thats all I can say...

1. Remind yourself of 3 things in your life you are proud of

2. Could you volunteer at something??

3. Take up a new hobby keep learning

4. Today put on something you know suits you and you love, doesn't matter if the postman finds you in an ostrich hat!

5. Say 'yes I can' and believe it

6. Send a message to 3 people you love and tell them something you never have but should have! Something lovely

7. Make tiffin

8. Make a new friend! Me? I'm on fb Colleen Henderson Heywood

9. Plan something secret and awesome for valentines, and if you don't have a valentine go on send that card to someone you wished was closer to you

10. Try internet dating it worked for me...... x x x

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C - when you did Internet dating - were you up front about having PD? Tonyx


Yes I was totally it was my opening statement as I recall, I had an overwhelming response from both men and women actually just saying good luck and well done, it was quite humbling. A blog I suggest you read is by my friend Sophie I'll find the link......


Thanks much appreciated. Tx



oh and I used the Telegraph site 'kindred Spirits'


I hear you, sister. I do a lot of what you say, except watch way too much tv and stay in pj's until last minute. Otherwise pretty busy, out and about, volunteering for Buddhist organization, etc. Good for you. Pat


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