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Having recently been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes I was sent, with a few other people, to see a dietician. This took place over four weeks for one afternoon per week and was very informative.

Due to the slight difference in diet I had to say that I had Parkinsons and it struck me that something similar to this would be helptul to us. I realise that they are two completely opposite diagnoses, but am sure that it would help for people to meet, be able to ask questions on diet and share their experiences.

I found it a lot easier to take the information in face to face than reading it. After not looking forward to these sessions at all I really enjoyed them and made some new friends.

However, I have still not been able to lose any weight. In fact, I have put some on.


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What meds are you on or are you diet controlled? To keep your blood sugar level stable, eat smaller frequent meals and include protein at each one. Never skip breakfast or any other meal. I know strenuous exercise may be hard for someone with PD but diet and exercise are the best ways to control diabetes.


I am diet controlled. Am eating smaller meals, mainly to try and lose weight! I am also exercising, though this is mainly for Parkinsons. Regarding protein, I have to watch intake of this as it can affect my meds for Parkinsons.

Thanks for your answer.


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