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"I Am A Coward"

I am a coward.

I come from a family

of cowards.

Emotions held prisoner

in righteous minds.

I feel deeply,

yet I trust little

and I am scared

all the time.

Strength and independence

makes loving hard.

The barriers put up

sometimes become


I do not want

to be alone

and yet

I find myself so.

You must know

by my actions,

my look, my cards

and letters,

the true essence

of my love for you.

The words can flow

so easily from my pen

I Love You

but when I speak

it is with thick tongue

and sputtering sounds.

Can we just pretend

I am a mute,

never uttering a word,

but expressing with my

heart every bit of love

and compassion that

burst from within me?

Can you not listen to

the words I speak

with my eyes,

my fingers,

my kiss?

Can we just

feel Love?


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I believe you have a masterpiece on your hands, my dear..

.Pacing my cage like a jilted tiger, I am in a race between snails or I have become A rose in a tornado , lying stripped of it’s thorns

my beauty blown away...


HEY........ talk about a gift!!!!!!


No coward wrote that poem.


Love it!


Beautiful :-)


You have a gift.




beautiful xx


ho jane

yes ir is a wonderful poem

love jill :-)


V nice


It takes courage to write like that and put it out for others to read .


I have said it before you really are gifted. How wonderful to express feelings we can all relate to in such a way.

Certainly, this was not written by a coward, you don't realise how strong you are. You really are an inspiration to us all. Please don't stop writing.



Just beautiful and brought tears to my eyes. I guess I have a lot to learn about this PD I've only been DX'd with for four years. Your love is gratefully accepted and mine is here for you whenever you need it.




Wow! You showed great strength in writing that.


HI Jupiterjane

What you wrote with that pen on paper came from the heart flowing out of your own mouth as I read it. It is exactly how I felt before I had the DBS surgery. I felt like I was all alone, a spirit shifting from this world to a world of extreme pain from the Dystonia I got Dystonia from the Parkinson's. I used to shake from my feet all the way to my neck. It was if I was a human vibrator, only in human form. However, I had the DBS surgery 14 weeks ago, and anything that have gone wrong did, but by the grace of GOD I am doing awesome now. I attibute it all to GOD, my faith, my family & friends who loved me for me. I NEVER let it get in my way of going out with my friends and they knew what to do when I needed my meds (that made me sick daily). I write down in words as you do, it is my way of thelling the world what I feel without saying the words.

I am extremely impressed with your poem, as if an Angel help you write it. I say write away, and I promise I will continue to read it and then you may write a book that others can read and know what you are feeling and it is ok. A+ to you.


sooo beautiful, Jupiterjane!


Thank You!


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