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I'm worried, no not about drumming I'll come to that. The spotty bottoms have disappeared. They entered the laundry system some time ago and I have yet to find them..... search continues. In the meantime jogger bottoms are under studying.

Oh quick random! want to know your band name?? take the colour of your pants (underwear for our US friends) and the last thing you ate.... mine from a couple of days ago 'black falafel' !!!! wonder if the Chilli Peppers used this method!!

OK so the drumming.... well its going great! 2 lessons in and I can feel I am going to get somewhere despite a dodgy foot. The right wrist cracks like hell now but thats is 'loosening up' I reckon! My co-ordination remains excellent and I have discovered the joy of beating something with a stick to make a racket!! Better late than never. More importantly I feel good, I am learning something new, and not doing too bad at it. Good for the spirit and the soul. I am on my target to play at a party on the 28th April...... watch this space :-)

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  • I'm so glad to hear from you...I was wondering about the drumbering.

    Blessings on the hands and feet

    listen hard and keep the beat

  • Keep us posted.

  • what is worrying me is how are turning over in bed with out the satin jim-jams ?!!

  • ah I do have silky ones just for that purpose!! Janet Reiger ought to do a line just for WWP (women with Parkinsons)

  • mine are from m and s !!

  • well mine are designer glorious chic of EBAY!!!!

  • i must have a look

  • Oh I am the queen of ebay having to adjust my dress size over 5 times in 3 years! Requip the new weight watchers drug!

  • Sadly, I don't think even silk pj's would help me turn in bed. Dammy!!!

  • why dont you try the satin sheets too - like i have - i cant turn without my husbands help - but it helps him in the shoving !!

  • shasha, silk pj`s, stin sheets?....you little devil ;-) lol

  • oh yes !!

  • She bangs a drum...stone roses...have fun and good luck with the PJ mystery :)

  • Love Stone Roses, did you get tickets???

  • Me too ! no i never tried, whens the gig ? On Madchester theme, I recently met Shaun Ryder, I'm a hotel manager, he stayed with us when playing in Aberdeen, really decent guy.

    Found those PJs yet :)

  • so are you saying the color of your pants are hay, and you eat wood? Heywood sounds like a perfect name for a man with sticks.

  • hahahaha nope! It was 'black falafel' although today would be Pink Pancakes!!!!!

  • I guess the missing PJs are in the same place as several of my odd socks!

    The Washing Machine pixie has got them.

  • well we don't have a washing line ..... I will report as soon as I have a sighting.......

  • OK you've brightened my AM, and I needed it. 3 items, let's see if I can hang onto all 3 til this is finished! Aah, drumming!! I am a drummer, hand drumming not drum set variety. I have a Djemde, a Yashika several Shakares , bells, whistles, rain sticks and assorted other percussion instruments. Now all I need is enough energy to get back to banging on those skins. Anyone want to come to Santa Fe and make a joyful noise?

    PJ's: mine have, fanfare please, glow in the dark stars! If there was a love interest in my life I am easy to find even in a blackout. That's 2,

    oh, performance name hmmm, how's Flat Oranges?

    The need for brightening: had minor surgery in my mouth yesterday. This AM scared myself when I looked in a mirror: swollen, purple, cannot open my mouth, swallow, but no worry ...MD says "Ice it ,do not lie flat, he'll check with me tomorrow". That is unless anything gets worse!!! I'm going now, to try to swallow a protein drink. A votre sante!

  • My band name would be Black Fish :-) Oh and I`m a master of the air drums...and air guitar! :-)

    Regarding the PJ`s.......I dont wear em!!! ;-) hee hee

  • andy you would here - its been minus 17 at night !!

  • the naked pakoras !! thats a winner ! :))

  • I think you nailed it

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