antidepressants Any success?

Greetings from Arizona. I"m new to this blog but not to PD. Have had it 10 years. Recently I seem to suffer more from anxiety and depression than motor problems. I have been given ssri's but seem to have worsening problems with only 4-5 days... not enough time to get the supposed benefits. Does anyone else have this experience? How about success? Thanks in advance.

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  • I know a number of people with Parkinsons who are also given an antidepressant . Usually in lower doses my husband has one evrynight to go to bed . . He finds it helpful especially with restless legs

  • Hello, after trying about four or five others (with some nasttty side-effects), my doctor has put me on Fluoxetine, 40mg daily. This has helped my depression, without worsening my PD symptoms. Keep smiling, Christine

  • Hi,

    I have tried several mood stabilizer and anxiety meds, all bringing little to no help. The side affects, however, are horrendous. I am off my psych med and although the withdrawals were painful for myself and loved ones I made it through and actually feel a lot clearer in my thoughts. I still battle anxiety from time to time though, and I recommend yo do not alter any of your meds without your doctors approval and help!


  • i have beenon anti derpessant sand anti anxiety meds for ove r30 years and know hta ti need somehtign to lgihtenmyh mood and reduce the anxiety

    (the latter is much worse and the restlessness is difficult ot deal with )

    however i have been a lto better since my diagnosis wht PSP and it explains a lot of my health problems and am gettign through another winte riwthout the SAD which afffected me badlhy

    there is a good range eof anti depressants around now and it takes a little time to find 1 that suits (side effcts for me tended 2 b increase in BP ;high pressure in eye)

    so hang on in there

    love jill adn a :-) for feb

    it takes 4/ 5 weeks for an anti depressant to work so hang on in htere!

  • Hi,

    I'm pleased you found this blog - it's been really helpful to me. I've been dxed around 8 years in Worcester UK. I've been taking Paroxetine (Seroxat) since 1996 when I had a breakdown which, with hindsight, was probably attrbutable to the gradual onset of PD. It was work-related due to symptoms such as poor personal organisation, erratic memory, slurred speech, stumbling gait etc etc which I think colleagues saw as alcohol induced. When you are head of a special school & do not drink much alcohol this is devastating!! However post clincal depression with fantastic help from our local community psychiatric support team I have weaned myself down to 10mg Seroxat daily taken as 5mg morning & tea time. I find that at this level I still experience highs & lows but do not sink into the slough of despond. As I was already taking it I have no experience of life as a PwP without an anti-depressant. However as a rule of thumb I wouldn't take any med unless really necessary. Have you tried alternative treatments/therapies? My real turning point in every sense was discovering 5 Elements Chinese acupuncture. This leaves me energised & positive with all my systems (Chi) in balance.

  • I tried for 6 months. Only result was gain of 10 pounds! I found xanax more effective for pain and anxiety. But I'd rather not need it!

  • thanks to all... I am trying to increase exercie at the gym. It's helping some but not fast enough. The drive is 30+ minutes and I don't always feel up to it. I definitelt feel better mood wise when the levodopa is up... it only lasts about 90 minutes. Then anxiety and depression.

  • Hubby's Movement Disorder neuro started him on Zoloft a few years ago. It really helps him although, he does not see or feel the difference- we do. He is much less erratic in his mood and behavior.

  • I was only diagnosed with PD about 1 1/2 years ago. I was diagnosed with anxiety/depression before I was diagnosed with PD. I am on 20 mg of Citalopram and it seems to be working well. The only thing is I can't take Advil or Bayer, etc. only Tylenol as it thins the blood and I get bruises really easily.

  • After playing meds, meds, which combo now, the doctror settled on decreased Stalevo (I was taking 500 3x a day 7, 11 & 3 p.m.That dosage was cut in half and added to it were Serooquel 50 mg. this was taken at night with Azilect - WRONG. Should have been inn the morning with Stalevo, but no one advised me. That straightened out, Stalevo, 'Azilect and Seroquel all taken in the morning at 7 a.m. I became so ill and the nightmres/hallucinations were worse than ever.and my husband was ready to call 911. I naturally stopped the Seroquel immediatley and slept the better part of 48 hours, with David waking me for nourishment and keep me conversant. The next day I saw my neurologist who told me to dispose of the Seroquel, immediately, gave me a RX for Risperidone ..25 mg cut in half to equal a very tiny piece of pill - to take only if needed. and believe me, after those two days I haven't needed anything added to the course of my medical treatment. I do take Xanax 2 mg. at night along with Citalopram HBR 10 mg to help me sleep and am doing well on this regimen. So far, only a few erratic mood swings . I am doing very

    well on this cocktail of meds Zoloft was used (alone) for many years and doctors agreed to take me off of it. Jennyr

  • I've had PD for 8 1/2 years now and I have been on antidepressants the whole time. They have worked well for me. I currently take 40 mg daily of Paroxetine (generic for Paxil) and 15 mg Mirtazapine. Plus 2 mg of Lorazepam for anxiety as needed or at bedtime to knock me out. They are an absolute necessity for me.

  • Plus 2 mg of Lorazepam for anxiety as needed or at bedtime to knock me out. They are an absolute necessity for me.

    I have found this (Lorazepam) to help me sleep at night at least that is the credit I give to it. I take 4 a day.

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