Ok its nearly Valentines day so hows about we have a valentines party?....are you feeling the luurrve? Get your dancing shoes out and your best party dresses ( me and you too alsh59 :-) ) on...pucker up and get ready for a smooch ;-) Oh yeah and a few drinks too...well it would be rude not to! ;-) whatever timezone youre in (how many hours in front or behind GMT are you ) just post on here and enjoy the fun! Post your names on here if you wanna have some fun! ;-)

Love and best wishes

Andy xxx

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  • hi andy

    u were planning htis party?

    yes i will enjoy the fun!

    feb 14 is the day my partner is jmoving into our ground floor flat

    and i folllow at end fo month


    let s party

    love jill adn a ::-)

  • no a :-)

  • i would like to prty but i cant dance !

  • as long as you come to the party I`ll be happy :-) x

  • ok what do i do then ? x

  • Drink and music loud...and maybe post some pics to show everyone what youre up to....thats what I do :-)

  • ok = see you there ...

  • yeah if:-) nto b4

    love jill

  • no need for dancin , just enjoy, or you could table dance


  • table dance ? !!

  • Ill send a pic

  • good i look forward to getting it !

  • Als table dancing is legendery!! lol :-)

  • need to watch the camera angel HAHA

  • LMFAO!! :-D

  • What you up to today


    do you have snow?

  • we have ha futher 4 ins on top of stuff that has been lying fo 4 days - its minus 7 c

  • Chillin today mate, might have a walk to shops later, we got about 3inches last night but its a lovely bright day today and roads seem to be clearing now. Had a bad day home from work, knocked a bit of my downstair neighbours fence over with my vehicle as i was parking then when i got in i found a tax demand from Inland Revenue for £ cedit overpayment from when i was married!!! anyway theyre letting me pay it back at £40 per month....could do with out it :-(

  • Was it Friday 13 th by any chance?

  • lol felt like it!! No sense in fretting about it....theres 2 things in life that are certain....death and taxes!! gotta keep smiling :-)

  • sure have to , im just back from pub , team got knocked out of scottish cup , am i gutted ( N0) they were crap, any way had a few pints , the boss picked me up (Laraine) having a few more beers , not too bad a day , no snow here yet but its in the post, have a great week .


  • hi sha

    no matter about the dancing - ina wheelchair is good too

    love jill ;-)

  • hi jillannef6,

    try table dancin, its fab, we could start a new craze


    heres what you do ,

    sit and grab anything a cudly toy or whatever , clasp it with left hand and lead with right its easy and you can have lots of fun with out any one standing on your toes or grabing your bum.


  • hi al

    my previous cat would have loved it - i used ot waltz around he garden and house with him

    so i will try htis table dancign hting

    you bet

    love jill

    and a BIG :)

  • Cheers, just go with the flo, let your mind wander and have a blast



  • Its a big yep from me, Andy C !! Thanks for the invite,maybe have a dance or two,

  • YAY!! ;-) x

  • Count me in!

  • Woo Hoo!! :-) x

  • PARTY count me in, i dont go in for all the lovey dovey stuff but a party well am yer man, whats the dress code this time ? think ill ware my dinner suit , not had it on this year or maybe my kilt? well you tell me ,

    what time we kicking of at?


  • def the kilt !!!

  • Kilt it is then

  • Show those legs off Al....wey hey!! ;-)...nothing else mind! lol

  • Fantastic.

    Andy, if you'll set the start time of the party, I'd be glad to do conversions for the USA time zones so everyone can be "on time" for the party.

    We had some confusion in several blog threads going at once so let's just start one the day of the party so nobody gets lost.

    For those of you who missed the last party it may sound a bit strange but it was lots of fun.

  • I'm up for a party. Will need directions on dress code, etc. Also instructions on how to join in as I missed the last one.

    Will enjoy dancing, might help with weight loss and always glad of a drink. Nowadays that means what it says one drink. Was not always like that but we have to go with the times.

    Look forward to it. Will make a change from knitting.


  • I will bring the love and wine...............and strawberries to dip into the chocolate dancing shoes.......and and and and,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, :-)

  • Jaynie you little devil you! ;-) I like your idea! I look forward to it. ;-)

  • Start time for party...let's say 9pm its not too early for you guys in the US I am aware u guys are anything between 5 and 8 hours behind british time and is it 11 hrs behind in Hawaii ? So let's keep the thread open for 24 hrs or so....longer if necessary.

    DRESS CODE: wear whatever u like....look foward to seeing you in yor kilt Al

    Love u all. :-)

    Andy xxx

  • All u have to do is drink, play music loud and post some pics of wherever u are and whatever your doing. It will be lots of fun! ;-)

    I love this community!

    Andy xxx

  • hi andy

    actually on valentines day 14 feb i shall be dancing anyway

    smoochi ng i sall i cna do now without fallign over

    love jill and :-)

  • Hi Andy, I work with we can provide party goers with a 3D party venue that we can all be in at the same time and 'talk' to one another, would it be of interest???

  • Yes that sounds interesting :-) x

  • Hi ,

    Looks great , how do you start to build you site?


  • Would that make it 4 pm EST in the USA? I don't want to be late for the party!

    Cheri :)

  • Hi Cheri, yes it would :-) xx

  • i think this was funny, I was talking to andy earley today,when we were done,I said (have a good day old chap i always wanted to say that) andy answerd (Here in Yorkshire we dont talk like that) This guy cant respond without making a poem.

  • Lmao :-D I`d not realised that!

  • I'm dancing as fast as I can:-)

    Actually I just started writing a piece on being solo and the +s and -s of the 2 circumstances. Not really party fare so maybe I'll start a blog on that and let the party roll!

    There's a Super Bowl planned in my community. Many of the attendees know squat about football but are up for the party aspect.

    For our party we could rent the Q Mary and meet in the middle of the Atlantic. Tee hee

  • Hey what a brilliant idea! and how romantic....all aboard!! ;-)

    They probably know more about football than I do but I`ll be watching the super bowl New York Giants Vs New England Patriots isnt it?

    I lok forward to reading your piece on being solo. I look forward to having a dance with you at the party :-) xx

  • Andy I love the life and sense of humor you bring to all of this! And to all the rest you, it is so wonderful that we can be who we are without judgement! Even the typos are understood!

  • Thankyou Susie and hope to see you at the party, would you care to dance? ;-) xx

  • Did someone say party?

  • Get your party face on

  • you guys are craaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzy!!!! love it----would love to join you from western NY BUT

  • ....DAMN TREMOR gets me in more GIANTS WON THE SUPERBOWL!!!!! Back t

    o party ....may be late but count me in..Gail

  • Well done the NY Giants on winning the Superbowl. I watched the first hour but had to go to bed as I'm up for work at 6.30am!...but been awake for an hour now got a cold and not feeling too good. :-( look forward to you joining us at the party Gail. :-)Andy xx

  • That sounds good, I'll already be at a party in this community where I live, but there's nothing to say you can't be at two parties at once, is there ?!!!!

    PS where do you find smieys?

  • Hiya

    Look forward to you coming to the party!! :-)

    For smileys press : for eyes then - for a nose and ) for a smile...put them together and you have :-) for a sad face just use (

    For a big smile do as above but use upper case D instead thus :-D

    For a wink just press ; then - followed by ) thus ;-)

    Andy xx

  • :-) is this how

  • :0D

  • nope -:D

  • :-D

  • Yay thanks For the lesson - how is your cold ?

  • Much better now thankyou :-)

  • :-( :-) ;-) Thanks Andy, I do those on emails, but didn't realise that they were done that way here.

    Sometimes I give them a round nose, it looks more cheeky with a wink, but doesn't work here ;o)

  • ;-) :-) :-D :-( yay!!

    You`re right cheekier with a ;-)

  • But even more cheeky with a round nose! o)

    I don't think a wink with a big grin is possible -- ;-D

  • No it isn't :-D :-D

  • ;-D Oh yeah you`re right lol :-D

  • Well count down is on for the biggest event of 2012 so far, the Parkie party of the year , its Val party night on the 14th , iv got my kilt ready sporan neatly pressed and a pocket full of porrage for the road , as the big yin said

    Ah wis headin' wi ma cromack up frae Gretna Green tae Skye

    But ma journey has an element of farce.

    'Cos the calendar has stated - it's the middle o' July,

    Yet here ah am wi' snaw up tae ma arse, Oh - yo!

    (chorus) Wi' ma pipes below ma oxter an' ma sporran neatly pressed

    Ma pockets full o' porridge for the road.

    Wi' some Crawford's Tartan Shortbread an' some tattie scones as weel

    An' ah'm jist aboot tae paint masel' wi' woad. Oh - yo!

    I am headin' for sweet Afton, that's the place that ah am daft on,

    Where the smell o' tattie bogle fills the air.

    If ye poke amang the heather wi' a feather ye will see

    Where the untamed hornie-golluck has his lair. Oh - yo!

    Ah remember Annie Laurie, sure, ah had her in a quarry

    On the road frae Tobermory tae the sea.

    Ah remember Mountain Daisy, an' that lassie wisnae lazy,

    'Cos ah remember Daisy mountin' me. Oh - Yo!

    Ah remember gettin' pally wi' a peely-wally 'tally,

    In a chalet doon at Butlin's camp at Ayr.

    An' ah gied her a bambino as she lay an' read "The Beano"

    Then she said, well how did she know ah wis there? Oh - yo!

    Ah wis jist a wee bit randy as she lay an' read "The Dandy"

    Then she went an' put a pot upon the hob.

    An' she made me tagliatelli, which she balanced on her belly

    So's ah could eat while ah wis on the job. Oh - yo!

    By the time the job wis over, she wis halfway through "The Rover"

    An' had started on that week's "People's Friend"

    An' she made me veal escalope an' we had another wallop

    Before ma strong desire came to an end.

    Oh the Scottish Summers have a certain lack of charm,

    Due mainly to the sudden rainy squalls.

    But the Scottish lassies can aye keep her laddie warm

    By their tender ministration to his knees. Oh - yo!

  • that is just great al - how do you remember them ? we love the big yn

  • I Have all his early stuff on Vinals , from the seventies



  • so hi all ,esp andy!

    1 more day to the party

    i 'll be there

    love jill adn a biG :-)

  • D-Day minus 23hrs

  • Are you waiting for something Al? :-D lmao

  • Partyyyyyy



  • Tey will dont worry

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