i will and i can

i will and i can

i shall and i must,

i do not want to be left in the dust.

today's a new day

a new chance to play..


i dance and i sing,

and i try everything..

i play with a ball,

and i walk down the hall,

and, when turning around..

i'm aware of the ground.

(i will be fearless and free

swaying like a palm tree!)

so off will i go,

feeling the glow

of the smiles that abound,

when i am walking around!


18 Replies

  • What a lovel poem! :-)

  • ooops should have said "lovely" lol :-)

  • glad you liked it..;-d

  • my turn to oooops..


  • Enjoyed, thanks.

  • ;-) my pleasure!

  • gbreat poem - full of hope

  • Really good! thanks

  • Excelente!

  • ¡magnífico!

  • Nice!

    Steve (Bisbee, AZ)

  • Thank you all~ !!! ;-)

  • Wow! Strong message! Do it every day! This ugly creature called PD wll not get me down or break my spirit! I will fight til the day I die!!!!!!! N to u mr. PD.....Dont try Shakedaddy, hes gonna kick ur A** !

  • Yes, ShakeDaddy!!! Fight the good fight, man..thanks for liking my poem! I am determined to stay off meds, too.....!!! :-)

  • great words, actually brought a tear to my eye! thanx for sharing.

  • Thanks for a cheery start to my day! You echo my sentiments beautifully.

  • This made me smile..a good start to my day..thanks

  • A great poem and sage advice also. You embrace the day not PD as I see it.

    I have horrible balance problems but unable to maintain after therapy. Any

    Suggestions or advices Appreciated. It makes me afraid to venture o

    Again, I love the poem and your insight into PD.


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