My best friends at home

My best friends at home

I wrote a while.back best friend Casey and.just wanted to share his final resting place. I drew the picture a few years ago when I could still draw. I cheated a bit with his picture on the urn, but it was still me who made the urn and did.the.engraving. look at it and think of what is in there. Funny how life is so fragile and wonderful at the same time, and to know there is a tree out there somewhere with our name on it.

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  • nice one olpilot!

    lol JIll


  • it is amazing how those little fur balls can get into your heart in such a short time.

    What a beautiful tribute to someone you loved. I am sure Casey is looking down on you with love.

    You should be very proud of the workmanship that you put into this project. It looks great.


  • Hi olpilot,that is BEAUTIFUL,my husband and I know your feelings for Casey. We had a precious Cassie, Seven years since we had to say goodby for now, I think of her so often, I wish we had something so beautiful as you do, I have never opened her urn they gave us. My husband use to do wood cutting and we made clocks, etc. and painted. Your drawing of Casey is very good. I wish I could help my husband get back to painting, it is very relaxing.We just joined this site recently. Thank you for sharing this very nice memorial you have for Casey. We have another Yorkie, pets seem to have a way of putting a smile on our face and our hearts forever, we treasure our Memories of our Cassie.

  • I know your sadness, I have had a lifetime with dogs cats and many other creatures all of whom I have loved and mourned on their passing.

    The portrait is beutiful and I suggest if you can draw like that you should try to keep it as a hobby or take up some other form of art

    it is very therapeutic.

  • Beautiful work and such a beautiful tribute to a very dear friend. Thank you for sharing it with all of us.

  • Sorry for your loss.

    Thanks for sharing the picture with us,very nice indeed!! Something you can look at and always remember Casey, and smile !!

  • Morning Olpilot

    Knowing there are people out there who have loved deeply and lost their mate has helped me cope better. Molly left us March 14. She was a Birman.

    We used to talk to each other which gave me a moment to forget about PD.

    Eventually my lap will be filled again with unconditional love.

  • Thank you for sharing your beautiful tribute to Casey, Olpilot. I know how you feel. So sorry for your loss....

  • Thank you! beautiful reflection.

  • That is so awesome. I'm so sorry for your loss.

  • Thanks to all of my friends here, we may never meet in person, but there is a peace that comes with knowing you are all out there.

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