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What is causing slurring, confusion and inability to stay focused during a conversation? Is it the disease or the medications?

My Dad has time periods where he is very alert and seems to be doing well. Other times, his speech is slurring, he asks me the same question 3 times in ten minutes and he can't seem to stay focused throughout a conversation. He's singing, making noises and stumbling around the house as though he's drunk. What is causing that?

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although some of these certainly can be symptoms, I would seek a physician's advice on this as they could also be symptoms of other things, including some meds. I do have intermittent issues with short term memory and focus and stumbling (all with or without meds), though not sure how slurred my speech gets. no singing and making oises that I know of though.


Thank you. I will talk to his neurologist about this when we see her this month.



i have PSP and i tend to hav e garbled speech and some short tem memory probs

and when under stress it is all worse

stumbling or just fallign fwd for no reason is a currnen t problem 4 me

and i need to think of gettign aroudn in my flat wihtout fallign

PHysio is helping -countign 1 2 when i freeze and then starting again

love jill adn a;-) cos the weekend starts here


Stress does seem to make things worse for my Dad as well. Also...when he is tired, he really starts to behave oddly.


shoudl eb a :-)


has you father ecently started medication or given a new one . It sometimes takes a while for the body to get use to them . We have such a short time with the consultant I always make a list of the things I want to ask . That way I dont come away wishing I had said more . I actually give it to the consultant to read himself . .




I have sent you a reply by PM.

Best wishes


Hi ,

I suffer from the same as your Dad, i thought it was my daughter posting this ,

some times iam ok outher times i am out of it, due to PD and the Meds

seeing my PD nurse on Monday to diiscuss the meds



I get tired or very stressed will do this. My husband knows the signs and knows what to do. I am blessed to have him. I am going to be 58 in sept. he is all I got.


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