Does menopause make PD symptoms worse? I have started having hot flashes several times a day and night. I can deal with these but my' wierd' PD head is much worse. Feels woozy and juddery most of the time. Is this usual?

What have other people taken for menopause ? can it be taken with PD meds?

So many questions, sorry , but PD head is most unpleasant


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  • I find that I am much worse during my periods, I think it is a combination of both menopause symptoms and PD. I was told Black Kohash (herb) would help hot flashes. I always ask my pharmacist if it is ok to take with my other drugs. I am also very dizzy when having hot flashes etc.., I have actually passed out, could be anemia also. I've started keeping a journal of my symptoms and conditions so I can tell my doctors. Good luck in your search for relief. I'm 48 and didn't plan on this.

  • I can't help you because I had menopause at 44 and PD at 62. But I'm sure there will be a relationship. Only other women know for sure.

  • My husband has PD and takes Q10 vitamins.

    I myself took Q 10 when going through the menopause and they definitely stopped the night sweats for me. Take 30 strength twice a day. They are wonderful. It will take a few weeks before the sweats stop. Hope this helps .

  • Sorry . That should say, one 30mg capsule two or three times a day.

  • What is pd head? I'm 51 haven't had a period in over a year. Am terrified of menopause. Had pd since I was 39.

  • I had hot terrible hot flashes during menopause, but PD can cause a different kind of hot flash due to poor body temp regulation. I have found that I have hot flashes about an hour after taking Sinemet...

  • I'm 57 went thro menopause early at 43 with no problems at all. Since found out early menopause linked with PD. Diagnosed PD at 46. For the last 2 years hot flushes have been getting worse until now they are seriously hampering my ability to function. If I get even a bit warm my body loses control oif its temp regulator and I end up literally with my hair clinging to my head, sweat pouring down my face - appallingly embarrassing. the slightest exertion starts it off. It seems worse if I'm in a wearing off phase and also is correlated with feeling awful - as though the life force is draining out of me and I can hardly move or speak. Don't know if one causes the other. Yet another PD symptom that no one seems to have noticed or be able to address but its one of the worst problems for me - am dreading the forthcoming heatwave. I have a huge fan permanently setup in my kitchen and sit dripping in front of it for hours!

  • Thank you all for your replies, a friend going through the menopause said caffeine made her hot flushes much worse. When she changed to caffeine free tea they stopped completely. So I am off out to buy caffeine free teabags.



  • Ammenorrhea - sp? - stopped menstration aged 37. No clinical diagnosis, and curious as there can be physical repercussions.

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