Having just returned from yet anouther mid week weekend ( Wednesday Night Out With Friends) my Wife Laraine is a solicitor and we meet former work mates and uni friends and have a right good laugh,( some times at my expence)

we have been doing this for over 15 years now, every wednesday we meet up with friends and have a wee drink and share with each outher all the crapy things that have happend to us over the course of the last few days, its a great way of dumping all your fellings out in the open, tonight we discussed, what would scotland be like without being part of the UK, a very political subject, and it got very heated , but i wont share this with you as we on this site are non political, was fun though,

it keeps my mind thinking and for a few hrs on a wednesday i can forget about PD, i was told that on a few occasions tonight a new thing happend to me , i seamed to just go in to a trance, only for a few seconds ,but i never knew any thing about it , on of our party, who does not know me that well freeked out , Laraine aske him to just prod me in the arm , he was non to happy about this , probably affraid , so La gave me a gentle tap on the shoulder and i came round, Laraine has told me that this is happening more and more these day, but i have no idea when or more to the point how this is happening, any way suppose its just one of the things ill have to pu up with,

Hope it does not happen at work, i just started back at work 2 weeks ago after 6 mts off, any way La just came in and told me Mad Men are now on the TV, So bye for now


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  • When you seem to go into a trance, do you remember anything about it?

    Twice, while on different meds, I appeared frozen. I can hear, see & remember everything said, but can not respond. It is a very peaceful time.

    Just wondering if it was like what happened to you.

  • No ,

    i cant remember anything, all a blank,when Laraine taps me i tend to snap out of it, its a bit freekie , however i have no recolection and just start to talk as if nouthing has happend,

    its as if iam shutting down, if you know what i mean , I have froze in the past but this is compleatly different and freeks people out


    ps cant sleep again so back on the night shift and i started back at work 2 weeks ago

  • What work do you do Al? Tony

  • I work in the Media world

  • i think i may have experinced something similar but not as dramatic i cn be watching the tele or even speaking to someone and then i am aware that time has passed and i did not know it ?

  • I've had PD for 12 years now and retired for 4 of those years, however, whilst working as a full time social worker I used to have 'black out episodes'. It would start by me freezing for a few minutes and then suddenly falling asleep, head in soup sometimes, literally once in a restaurant!!

    Sometimes I could hear what was going on around me and was aware that people were trying to help me but I was helpless to move myself. It was a very odd feeling ....I would sleep for hours after.

    Since retiring, I have never had a 'black out. I sometimes wonder if I was overtired and pushing my body too far, very strange but that's PD I guess.

  • Thanks Gypsy,

    I do tend to push my self to the limit, always tierd but cannot sleep


  • This happens to me I can be talking to a friend and just go other times I can be knitting and when I look at my knitting the stitches are all wrong and I dont even realise time has passed but it must have

  • Hi maggym,

    its a bit scarry ,

  • Hi Al, this is interesting, do we think this is med related ? i ask as I have been PD for 3 years, now age 51, still lucky enough to work, drive, play reasonable golf, only taking small meds but tremor is chasing me down...always feel when I talk to the cosultant he wants me to decide which med, so I'm keen to be aware of side-effects, its a balancing act isn't it....anyway hope you find the answer, good luck, Hamish

  • Cheers Hamish

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