Parkinson's Movement

Grooving with PD

Every day is a challenge

With ups and downs

And we all know right now

There is no cure to be found

Daily chores are hard to do

But don't give up

Try to focus on

Not what you can't

But what you can do

Pop your Parkie pills

Get yourself grooving

Exercise helps you

Keep on moving

Put on music

And sing out loud

Dance around the room

Have no one to dance with

Dance with a broom

Trust in a higher power

And when they find a cure

We will all be rejoicing

Thats for sure

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Brilliant! :-)


Thanks Andy. We will beat this yet,the sooner thebetter.I just try to shine the light.


Hi Brooke, we are here for each other :-) x


Hi Brooke,

Love it , keep on dancing




Music is necter for the soul, iam just listening to my fav artist David Bowie, and was pondering as to which music will play me out off this mortel earth and here it is

Lou Reed ( perfect day)

ahh, what rawness. what true sincerity. so painful, yet so great. lyrical music like this, with such a real and authentic sound comforts me so so much! loneliness is a human condition, but I think I can deal with it. really, sometimes, I just feel as if the world is so much bigger when you're alone. and music, it just ties everything together.


Dust in the wind By Kansas, What a perfect day to here both,

Not beeing morbid , just love music and i think this would sum up my feelings at the end



Get your broom turn up your music and start dancing.


Broom on music at loud and dancing, are we human or are we dancing?


Tomorrow is my line dancing day. Going to pop the parkies and hope the legs work so I can do the Elvis shuffle.


hi brooke


music is my soul and soulmate

anythign from Back to Beatles and Bob D

(I am nearly 66 and was a child fo the 60s so i adore dancing to music too)

BUT am too afraid of fallign to do much

love jill :-)

tongiht i shall dance ot bob dylan


love it. tho I move in a straight line alot better than dancing, the music always helps


Thanks for sharing, I really like what you wrote!


Thanks Have a blessed day


I love your poem,. I'm watching too much TV. I love Glee though and dance along. My Parkinson's classes include a class with music. It's so much fun, and I can move to music when I can't move otherwise.


I love you poem as well. I love music - it is so great - I sometimes forget to put it on. I go to water aerobics and they have music - makes it so much fun, as well as exercising! Thank you for sharing.


I think music is one of the best therapys When my meds are working I dancing and I also sing in in the choir at church. I try to do what I can whenever I can. If you keep a positive attitude you feel better.Look up Michael Buble on you tube Save the last dance for me. Its a peppy song.


Thanks for those encouraging words.


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