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Confusion and Control

I can only write from experience; Having gained so much of my collapsed nervous system back using BocowoA, and with what looks to me like the possibility of real hope on the horizon, I can honestly say, I can appreciate the dilemma of both Carers and Doctors who attend those with neurological disorders like Parkinson's Disease.

For the Carers, one of the hardest things to deal with, is the periodic mental fallout or displacement a person with Parkinson's is physically having to cope with; as their brain decides what parts of the remaining nervous system are vital, while also coping with any unwanted effects from any medication they may be taking. There is little that can be done beyond being there caring for the patient; understanding that it is simply a natural thing for the nervous system to re wire itself and these situations in mental disorientation to occur.

For the Doctors, the fact that they have to choose whether to treat the mental disorientation, or the physical Motor aspects that come with Parkinson's as the main priority, is one hell of a challenge. Especially as some of the drugs for mental disorientation and anxiety, will likely add to the patient's mobility problems and visa versa.

Sadly (but understandable) the separation between body ailments and mental welfare through departmental separation can often cause more distress, especially when the tell tale signs of Parkinson's are insufficient for diagnosis. That said, a good doctor should be able to realise what is amiss if they observe the effects of medications while listening to what their patient is saying about their own physical situation within.

Worst of all, for all parties concerned, what is going on inside a patient's body is not necessarily visible as an external point in difference, leading to misinterpretations in understanding and even more stress for all. After all, there is nothing worse than the aspect in being pigeon holed by a misguided or uninformed mind by way of an incorrect stereotyping.

Yes, there may be times of hallucination for those suffering with Parkinson's Disease, where the unconscious dream world is embroiled within the conscious state of daytime. Even panic attacks when family, friends or associates become the fictitious foe, but the unnameable aspects in dream always remain anonymous within the muddle of the known, and surmising variables bears no fruit for anyone.

The fact of the matter is simply understandable and thankfully not an aspect to contend with when the nervous system is being increasingly restored. When things are too hot you drop them, and when you can no longer hold such hot items for a similar length in time something has changed.

The immediate, almost instant effects from BocowoA, in switching the Peripheral nervous system back to On was breath taking and very lifting as the wave of a renewed intensified sense of touch took over. Although it must be said, that with so much of the nervous system under the stress and strain of Parkinson's Disease, and the rush of the day, it is very hard for an observer to notice the immediate physical changes. For while the weakened one sided aspect levelled up within the first forty-eight hours, there is little way to prove that you are not simply applying more pressure in the greeting handshake, or indeed that a cup was simply more hotter than usual.

Yet, BocowoA has transformed everything for me, to the point of (while being a smoker of tobacco) being able to now taste the moisture flavours in the air, and when my back was turned to stretch the spine, increasing numbers of nerve ways came alive!

More importantly to my mind, it is its ability, to switch On the redundant nerve cells that really provides some solid hope and a truer ability in control. Which makes me ask; If BocowoA can awaken numb areas in my arm, can it do the same for others who have lost feeling and control in their limbs?

While My Back Was Turned

Things all felt so good, with so much recovery of the nervous system regarding the increased sense of feeling, to the point that I attempted to wean myself off the prescribed medication (thinking that the residual gentle arm and finger twitching would fade, once the rise in natural dopamine peaked) and I have to say, initially everything seemed to be going very well.

I enjoyed the freedom of being totally free from taking any synthetic medicines for over 25 days, with continued improvement in progress, as the finger tips and toes appeared to be so much more alive. My skin tone has become more elastic, and without doubt the speed of colour returning to depressed fingernails (as soon as the nail is released) is instantaneous once more.

Thinking success was very near I even increased the time spans between taking BocowoA and then the thing I did not want to happen appeared to be happening. My big experiment seemed to be about to collapse as the tremors and some lethargic movement started to creep back into the days.

Once the reality of an apparent failure tumbled into my thoughts, I revisited my daily notes, in readiness to consider throwing in the towel if necessary. However, I soon realised there had been a positive twist to the recent events.

While more nerves were opening up within the pelvic area, I had felt that there was still a dull area at the base of my spine effecting the sciatic nerve, and accordingly, I asked my physiotherapist to stretch my spine towards making it more comfortable. In hind sight, I also realised, that perhaps my enthusiasm from the vast improvements following each spark up, had propelled me; I was trying to run before learning to walk. And of course I had not bargained upon any other effects from the procedure, of stretching the spine.

Indeed, I had increased my intake of BocowoA just before my back was physically rotated by the Kinésithérapeute, which surprisingly resulted in more nerves than expected (or I had previously not known about) coming alive in the Sacrum and Coccyx area. For the first time in my life, the pelvic girdle felt that it was made up of more than one fused part. To surmise, I guess (as the Parkinson's symptoms returned) it spelt out; that there was now insufficient Dopamine available in reserve for such a need, especially as this area still remains painful at times.

A day or two later after more physiotherapy, a synapse rush up the spine from the damaged lumber vertebra (as I dozed before sleep) confirmed that a return to prescribed Levadopa was now necessary for the time being, or at least until the balance is re-struck and all the nerve ways possible have opened up.

Of course, I still do not know whether I have found a cure by introducing BocowoA into my diet, but the apparent depth and continuing 'waking up' of the various areas in damaged tissue, appear to still point toward a general overall improvement.

While my right arm (that shows the most tremor when it occurs) having taken the brunt of many a hard knock, a wrench or two, and a couple of nasty breaks, will likely be the last to heal.

Tail for success?

How I hoped that I could have written: With only mild symptoms of feeble tremor and a gentle finger wobble left (which appear to be speedily fading in their intensity as the nerves continue to sort themselves out) it looks as if BocowoA has done the job. The nightmare ill that crept up over forty plus years looks and feels as if it has vanished completely. But alas, such a conclusion is painfully eluding me right now, and is literally a pain in the butt.

Yet all is not lost, and a lot of thought has been spent trying to understand the full depth of Parkinson's Disease, as I accepted to return in taking the prescribed medication in Levadopa once more.

Having felt to have been nearly there, this set back seems acceptable, upon reasoning all the other injuries that have been revisited as the nerve ways have been reactivated and or opened up.

The level in pain around the Sacrum and Coccyx area is very intense and penetrating at the line of each fusing, with perhaps the apparent heavy drain upon the natural Dopamine levels being partially due to the proximity of the central nerve.

In fact, I am rather glad it has happened in a way; As through all the pain and bodily responses, I am beginning to think that this particular area in the body, may well be the one common link to kick starting Parkinson's Disease.

After all; How many babies totter and bump their bums when taking their first steps, to jar the Coccyx on a stone or unforgiving surface causing damage to the central and surrounding nerves, just at the time when bones are hardening and fuse lines are firming up the pelvis frame for the standing posture. Then to top it all, it is so much fun, to go Bump Bump down the stairs. And the apparent rise in these types of disorders, is perhaps just a reflection of modern day living.

Further and in way of an interesting observation; I have seen dogs with cropped tails suffering from trembles and leg shudders as they get older and a Breton Spaniel with Epilepsy, that shook uncontrollably in fits, if it had not had its medication.

I guess they need the weight of a tail to keep their pelvis in tip top shape.

Which may add further weight to my belief that the Sacrum and Coccyx area is most relevant for many situations in PD.

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what is it? Are you trying to sell some herbal remedy?


You have got it in one and going by the effects it has had in turning things around, a pretty powerful remedy at that.


So what is it. Your explaination does not explain what exactly it is.


It is effectively a medicine derived from an assembly of natural ingredients, and I will try and explain how and why it works in my next blog update


Having been asked where to buy a particular mushroom - please note -

BocowoA is made from plant extracts. - There is no fungi in the recipe.

More tests need to be carried out to prove it will work for others, and a heavy investment will be required to get BocowoA into jars. I am working as fast as I can, and I am sorry not to have the resources and test facilities of drug manufactoring companies.


Remove Parkinson's. Only peripheral neuropathy due to nerve damage


Not sure I am with you, please explain..


The BocowoA treatment failed to live up to expectations


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