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Just the other day

Parkinson's dropped by

Just the other day 
Parkinson's dropped by

Just the other day, it seems, big projects needed doing.

That was just the other day.

Just the other day, or so it seems,

I was cooking, walking, dancing.

Just the other day slid off over eight years

of being too tired, too sad. Too bad.

"Take a pill, see a shrink, take a vacation, get a hobby.

Get a life."

I fumbled and grumbled. I tried it all,

But could not buy the "tsking and tutting, "

The "Oh, lordy, she's-just-another-nutting."

Just the other day, or so it seems.

Then I found out why projects piled on me, weighed me down.

It had a name, this unwanted guest.

Parkinson's had dropped by. Not so bad.

I'd take pills. I would be better. Not too sad.

But I stumbled with my plan to handle things well,

I'd lost my pace. I'd lost my place.

I did get better and still am. Just not fixed.

I thought at least my story is laid well out. I'll end with grace.

That's what I thought, just the other day.

Just the other day, or so it seems, I realized projects lie there waiting.

I'll cook a little, and walk with help. But dancing, let's call that over.

It was then, just the other day, or so it seems,

I realized that I will never live in Paris, but in my dreams.

I'd always planned to, or so it seems.

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Lovely words, Thankyou for posting :-)


thank you.


Dreams are good, Anemone....nothing wrong with that! I figure the closest I'll ever get to Paris is Paris, TN Who knows? It may be a lovely place. :)


Only someone with parkinsons could write this and only someone with Parkinsons could understand it Thankyou


yes I agree with maggym

stay strong and hold on in there

love jill :-)


Expressiv eand poignant. Lovely work on a melancholy of the heart...

I'll never live in Paris

I'll never live in France

But I'd give it all up

if I could only dance

oh? with you, with you

with you beauty!

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how beautiful a reply. I'm with you.


It is so odd, it is like you are mirroring my very innermost thoughts and feelings.

Thank you so.

Here's my first attempt at using art expression:

I hope you can access it.

Thanks again.


I did. You are lovely. And fun. Thank you for the lift this morning. I needed it.

Looking forward to more from you.

Thank you.


ui do live in france - about 200 miles south of paris though !!


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