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Has anyone found their symptoms get more extreme whilst exercising?

I am a great believer in exercise and try to do so daily. However , I find that my tremor becomes much worse when exercising. It does not matter when I exercise or what type of exercise I do, my tremor even if it has been dormant, goes mad and my arm exercises all on its own.

This usually continues until I take my next meds, although it is not always as extreme. I wonder if exercise makes my meds wear off more quickly and if so why?

I intend to keep on exercising - hopefully this problem will resolve itself but it is very frustrating, to say the least.

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Actually, exercise helps prevent my tremoring. Talk to your doctor or a PT and see if a different kind of exercise would work better for you.

I have read that riding a bike is good exercise for someone with PD.

I use my XBox connect, elliptical machine and videos.


I have to say I go swimming a couple of times a week and try to walk at weekends but I havent noticed my tremor getting worse ( in my left hand ) But I am not on any meds so maybe that makes a difference, interesting question though. Glad you will not stop exercising.


Hi Court

I think what you are experiencing is the rush of adreniline when your excercising. It is the excitement of running that is causing you to tremor, plus the fact that you are not stretching off long enough therefore your muscles are going into spasm. Warm them up longer.

Adjust your posture when running , stay upright be aware of your body alignment because when your posture is bent forward your affected side shakes. Tense the muscles like your unaffected side. You have to think about it. You have to include the affected side by conciously thinking about using them muscles to help you run. If you do anything with your good side do it with your affected side. You must give your affected side the same amount of work to do.

your muscles will start to react instinctively because it will use the muscle memory.

I hope this helps you. Plus ensure you have enough food inside of you and are not dehydrated because these can also make you shake rattle and fall.

Keep smiling Gazelle


I have never been much good at running even before Parkinsons.

I tend to use my Wii fit or an exercise video. It is during use of these that my tremor starts, even if my tablets should be at their best. This is really frustrating and does not stop when I finish my exercising.

I wondered whether exercising was using my meds up more quickly, but no one else seems to suffer from this problem. I feel better in myself and am more mobile when I exercise so guess will just have to persevere.


Last week I had my new treadmill set up at home. I have not been exercising for a long time. So far I feel better and my mood has improved a bit after each time on the mill!


I find i am worse after doing exercise like aquarobics...lacking in energy the next day.also affects tend to leave a day free to recharge! I have no meds as yet..


I'm training for a Marathon and actually feel better after exercise , my tremor stops during exercise , and afterwards for a period of time . My appetite has improved and i sleep better (onnly wake up one a night but can get back to sleep).I train at least every other day - on my days off i practice tai chi . i trruly believe you need to stay active and control this ridiculous condition and not let it control you.


Well said !


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