How did I get here #2

How did I get here #2

I sat down here to talk to us, and then my old companion Fatigue came and sat on my head!! So I will share my learnings soon. Now I need to lie down and leave you all to ponder on Fatigue and all its footprints. Sweet dreams, everyone. gran5- By the way the pic is me participating in an adaptive ski program. Last year on a sled this year I'm trying a ski bike. What a hoot.

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  • Hey Granpa(?). I too used to live in NYC, now Sarasota, Fl. Is that pic in Taos? It was on to do/ski list before I got "Good days, bad days" =PD. Fatigue is huge for me also. I have restructured my days to accomodate my wakefulness, Awake at 4-5 am nobody else is, except the PD nightfolk...that is. I meditate twice a day to relax and recuperate from lack of sleep=fatigue=feeling lousy. how long have you had the Dx?

  • Good Morning, I must tell you that as I am missing work for the second day in a row, I find some comfort in reading the posts from Jom9696 and gran5.

    Seems a silly thing to say, its just that as I sit here feeling like a lump of sh**,

    I am reminded by fellow sufferers, that it is not my fault. How does one keep any sense of dignity when ups and downs are so out of your control?

  • Dignity is highly over-rated!! I battle with my ego. I once was agile and dexterous. Now, I have spiled, broken, dropped more things in a month than I did in years BPD (before PD). Sometimes I sit on the floor and giggle. There is nothing else to do at this point. Maybe we should start a humor blog. Anyone care to contribute?

  • highly overated?????? please help ME get there....

  • Well, Mccshe, possibly that has as much to do with age as it does with PD. At 72 I have gotten to s place where I rarely judge people (at least not in their faces) so it is time to do that for myself. Let's discuss that some more and maybe I can help you as you help me (theoretically) right nowPD has taken over the drivers seat and I have to relinquish the keyboard cause i am doing more rewriting than writing. Peace

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